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Dnipropetrovsk Region ()
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Dnipropetrovsk region is located in the South-East part of Ukraine, in

the basin of middle and low flow of Dnipro River. And borders with such

regions as Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Poltava, Kirovograd,

Mykolaiv and Kherson. Total area is 31,9 thousand sq. km, including

forest land which is 190,8 thousand sq. km. The population of the region

comprises 3532,8 thousand persons (on 01.01.2003). Dnipropetrovsk

region is divided into 22 administrative localities. The largest cities

are Dnipropetrovsk, Kryvyy Rig, Dniprodzerzhinsk, Nikopol, Pavlograd.


The surface is basically flat. In the West there is Prydniprovska

eminence (height up to 209 ). In the South-East part there are cliffs

of Prydniprovska eminence. In the central part there is Prydniprovska

lowland. Mainly territory consists of rich black top soils and has

well-developed river system.


Climate is moderate continental. Average temperature in January is over

-5 in the South-West and up to -6,5 in the North-East; corresponding

in July +23,5 and +22. Annual precipitation is from 450 mm in the

South and up to 400 mm in the North. Vegetative period is 210 days.


The main water-way is river Dnipro which divides Ukraine into two

approximately equal parts. Its right inflows are Bazavluk, Mokra Sura,

Ingulets (with inflow Saksagan'); left ones are ril, Samara (with

inflow Vovcha). Dnipro and low part of Samara are floatable.


On the territory of region there are 144 kinds of animals, which are

brought to the Red Book of Ukraine. 38 regional kinds are in European

Red List.


Dnipropetrovsk region is unique in its variety of mineral reserves.It

has been discovered 302 deposits and about 950 ore-bearing indications

in its depths. In the region it is being explored 39 kinds of mineral

raw materials iron, manganese, uranium, titanium-zirconium, tungsten and

nickel ores, as well as fire-proof kaolin, flux limestone,granite,

building stone, coal.




Dnipropetrovsk region is one of the biggest industrial regions in

Ukraine. It is characterized by a highly developed heavy industry.


34% of iron and steel industry output of Ukraine is produced in

Dnipropetrovsk region. 49,5% of the total volume of gross product of

industrial complex belongs to metallurgy. This branch started its

development in the second half of XIX century. Nowadays the structure of

iron and steel industry includes 57 enterprises. They are: 7 ore-bearing

plants, 3 mining enterprises, 3 metallurgical plants, 9 tube producing

and 3 chemical-recovery carbonization plants, 2 enterprises of

non-ferrous metallurgy.


Enterprises of mountain-metallurgical complex of region produce 100% of

marketable manganese ore, approximately 80% of iron ore, 75% of pipes,

35% of rolled stock, 37% of cast iron, 32% steel, 28% of coke of the

total amount made in Ukraine. The large part of this production is

certified and it corresponds to world level of quality.


Machine-building complex (including space engineering) has received

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