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НазваKharkiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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yna. There are
6 state theatres (including 3 academic ones), the Regional Philharmonic
Society, the Organ and Chamber Music House, Circus, 33 museums, 800
clubs and palaces of culture, about 1000 libraries (the Korolenko State
Scientific Library is of world importance and keeps about 6,500,000
books), recreation parks, the oldest Zoo in Ukraine that has celebrated
its centenary. 2,250 monuments of history and culture are under
protection of the state. 

The cultural traditions of the region have deep historical roots. Such
worldwide known figures as Skovoroda, a philosopher, Repin, an artist,
Les Kurbas, a producer, Beketov, an architect, Kvitka-Osnovianenko, a
writer, lived and worked here. 

The Kharkiv region is the place of launching and holding of many
national and inter-national competitions including Krainev Competition,
Competition in honour of Gorovits, organ and chamber music festivals;
'Pokut' International Folklore Festival. 

The main objectives of culture development in the region are to
preserve, master, and enrich the Ukrainian national culture as a unique
part of the world culture, to overcome the estrangement of an individual
from culture, to give the public access to common to all mankind
intellectual values and ideals. 


Religion and church constitute important components of the
democratisation of a society, the growth of its supersubstantiality. 

A dynamic development of the network of religious organisations and
their confession diversion in accordance with ethnoconfessional and
cultural needs of the population are observed in the Kharkiv region. 

There are 435 religious organisations of 27 confessions in the Kharkiv
Oblast. These include 6 theological administrations, 5 monasteries, 4
missions, 2 fraternities, 2 theolo-gical seminaries, and 418 religious
communities. There are 184 Sunday schools with religious organisations.
There are 502 clergymen. 

Ukrainian Orthodox Church that celebrated the bicentenary of the
foundation of the Kharkiv Diocesan Administration in 1999 is the most
numerous and predominant church in the region. 

After the proclamation of Ukraine as an independent state, 23 churches
have been built, the construction of 30 are now under way, 20 churches
and temples are being restoring with the support of local authorities. 


The public health system consists of 423 medical. 

Medicinal Preparation Centre and 12 research institutes (researches in
the fields of cryomedicine, nuclear medicine, neurosurgery,
microbiology, orthopaedics, traumatology, neurology and psychiatry,
pharmacotherapy and general therapy) carry out researches in the field
of medicine. 

Medical workers are trained at the Kharkiv State Medical University, the
Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy, the Kharkiv Institute for Advanced
Training Physicians, and 8 special secondary educational establishments.


There are developed sporting facilities in the region. These include 57
stadia, 952 gymnasiums, 28 swimming pools. 
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