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НазваKharkiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Football, volleyball, basketball, track and field athletics, swimming,
gymnastics are the most popular kinds of sport. Recently,
non-traditional and extreme sports – rock-climbing, gliding, automobile
and motorcycle sport – have been becoming more and more popular. 

Kharkiv sportsmen made their debut at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952.
Then a woman gymnast M. Gorokhovska won 1 golden and 5 silver medals.
Yu. Poiarkov (volleyball), R. Sharipov (gymnastics), L.Dzhigalova,
(track & field athletics), Ya. Klochkova (swimming) were twice Olympic
champions; V. Matushevas and Yu.Vengerovskiy (volleyball), А. Barkalov
(water polo), I. Tselovalnikov and V. Movchan (cycle track racing), Ye.
Kuryshko (canoeing), were Olympic champions. Also, many Kharkiv
sportsmen were world and European champions. 


The total area of available housing in Oblast accounts for 59,030.5
thou. Square metres. The average provision of an inhabitant with living
accomodation is 19.8 square metres of total area. 

At the average, the region constructs 300,000 square metres of living
accommodation a year (150,000 square metres – individual, construction).

Political sphere

In the Kharkiv Oblast the participation of all subjects of the political
process in securing the stability of the political system, civil
concord, protection of human rights continues to liven up. There have
been registered and function 51 regional organisations of political
parties of 105 parties acting in Ukraine. 

Trades unions

The Kharkiv Oblast trades union organisation consists of 35 interbranch
organisations with 1,12 million members in total number. 

Mass media

All known mass media have been developing in the region: TV and radio
broadcasting, newspapers, journals, INTERNET. 

A teletransmission infrastructure notable for its influence and dynamism
has been formed within the region’s information field. The inhabitants
of the Kharkiv Oblast enjoy the possibility to receive four national
TV-programs, two programs of the Regional State Broadcasting Company,
and seven Russian language programs of commercial broadcasting
companies. Satellite television is actively developing. 

Regional printed mass media form public opinion and are capable to play
an important role in any national measure system. In the region are
published 211 prints (25 journals and 186 newspapers) of the total
circulation of 1.7 million copies. 


Industrial potential

In industrial production the Kharkiv Oblast is the fifth-largest oblast
in the country. 604 industrial enterprises are concentrated in the

The Kharkiv Oblast leads the way in the mechanical engineering industry
of Ukraine. There, a powerful tractor-building complex has been formed.
The production of power equipment, aircraft construction, machinetool
construction, fuel, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and
light industries are of great importance. 

Mechanical engineering and metalwork

The share of the region in the national production account for: tractor
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