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НазваKharkiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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duction account for: tractor

and combine engines – 100 per cent; tractors – 40 per cent; steam

turbines – 100 per cent, antifriction bearings – 55 per cent, CNC

machine tools and large electric machines – 50 per cent.


Fuel and power industry


The fuel and power complex of the Kharkiv Oblast is a unique one in

Ukraine as regards the production of power carriers (gas and gas

condensate) and self-sufficiency in electricity thanks to own



Food industry


The region is self-sufficient in bakery foods and paste, meat products,

and full-cream milk products. There is a significant export potential as

regards confectionery, canned milk, strong drinks, oil and fat products,

sugar sand.


Construction materials


The Ukraine's largest enterprises producing cement, slates, tiles,

cellular concrete blocks, wall materials, plastic joineries, bricks,

constructional steelwork operate in the region.


Pharmaceutical industry


This sector has unique research and production facilities, which allow

manufacturing products competitive in the world markets. Over fifty per

cent of the medicinal preparation production in Ukraine is accounted for

the Kharkiv Oblast.


Chemical industry


The region is specialised in the production of consumer goods (plastic

articles, household chemistry goods, enamels, and paints) and raw

materials for heavy industry needs (coke, spare parts to oil drilling

equipment, liquefied and gaseous nitrogen, oxygen and argon).


Light industry


Light industry enterprises of the region produce garments, textiles, fur

and leather goods, carpets, leather haberdashery, footwear. As a whole,

this sector produces some 9,000 kinds of consumer goods (the

first-largest oblast in Ukraine in the volume of production).


Small business


There are 11,700 small businesses in the. 9 business centres, 3 business

incubators, 3 business support foundations provide their assistance to



The main lines of activities are as follows: production activities,

trading activity and agency business, construction, scientific support

and maintenance, service business.




Usable area, 2,400,000 hectares. Arable land area, 1,900,000 hectares.

The Kharkiv Oblast is notable among other oblasts of Ukraine for a high

level of the production of grain, sugar beet, sunflowers seeds,

vegetables and potatoes, and for beef and dairy animal husbandry. The

Kharkiv Oblast is self-sufficient in main farm products.


Scientific potential


As regards scientific and scientific-and-technological organisations,

the Kharkiv Oblast is the second-largest one after Kyiv and the largest

region in Ukraine. There 56 per cent of R&D facilities of Ukraine are



36,000 specialists of 14 academic institutes, 79 highest accreditation

educational establishments, and two hundred branch institutes are

engaged with R&D. These include 30 Full Members and Corresponding

Members of the National Academy of Sciences, 228 ones of branch

academies of sciences, 1,496 Doctors of Sciences, 9,000 Doctors of

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