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НазваKharkiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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s of Sciences, 9,000 Doctors of

The Kharkiv Oblast has a rich scientific heritage and is the motherland
of world-wide known scientific schools founded by well-known scientists
such as physicists L. Landau, K. Sinelnykov, B. Lazarew, B. Verkin, A.
Ioffe, А. Valter, astronomer М. Barabashov, mathematicians I. Akhiezer,
М. Ostrogradsky, chemists М. Beketov, О. Palladyn, biologists I.
Mechnikov and V. Yuriev and others. 

It was the Kharkiv region where, for the first time in Europe, atom was
split, the most powerful radio telescope in the world was created,
elementary particle accelerators were developed and newest radiation and
space technologies, unique radar sounding and monocrystal growing plants
were proposed. 

Kharkiv specialised science has been recognised both in the state and
abroad thanks to the development of the most powerful steam and
hydraulic turbines, electric generators and electric machines, aircraft
and space devices, to the production of engines and state-of-the-art
military machinery. 

The medical science is represented by such important for human life
branches as cryomedicine, nuclear medicine, neurosurgery, microbiology,
orthopaedics, traumatology, neurology and psychiatry, pharmacotherapy
and general therapy. 

Up to 56 per cent (by their total value in the state) of fixed assets
for research and technological activities, in particular, 15 per cent of
machines and equipment for scientific experiments are concentrated in
Oblast. Thanks to this, up to 10 per cent of the total R&D work volume
of Ukraine are performed in our region. 


The main priority line of the development of the Kharkiv region is the
implementation of a proper social-oriented policy, creating necessary
legal, social, cultural, and economic conditions for life and activity,
environmental safety, satisfaction of material and cultural needs of the

For the purposes of development of the region the following main
problems are to be solved: - structural readjustment of the economy of
industrial areas and centres characterised by heavy industry

- encouraging the development of export-oriented and import-substitution

- intensification of agriculture;

- substantial environmental recovery of industrial areas;

- more complete management of renewable resources;

- formation of a rational settling apart system;

- conservation and revitalisation of the cultural individuality of the
region's inhabitants, protection of monuments of history and culture,
establishment of new wildlife reserves;

- development of the regional and interregional infra-structure
(transportation, communication, informatics); 

- provision of a rational management of nature system. 


Market infrastructure

The banking system of the Kharkiv Oblast is a reliable partner of
enterprises and organisations. Today, 12 self-supporting commercial
banks – legal persons – operate in its territory. As a whole, there are
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