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НазваKharkiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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Тип документуРеферат
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ritory. As a whole, there are
87 banking institutions including 6 regional administrations and
directorates of national banks. 

All banks has switched over to the international accounting standards
that have made it possible for them to be integrated in the world's
banking system. 

A developed banking system would constitute for the Oblast a system for
capital concentration for the purposes of investing in priority
projects, of solving regional problems of the economic growth of the

A stock market infrastructure is actively developing in Oblast. In
particular, a branch of Ukrainian Stock Exchange, 75 institutional
traders in securities, 34 investment companies and foundations are

As a whole, there has been formed the market infrastructure capable of
securing the development of business. 12 exchanges, 20 insurance
companies, 7 credit unions, 3 business incubators, 9 business centres,
over 200 auditing companies are active in the region. 

Investment infrastructure

Consulting firms and agencies are actively being established, which are
capable not only to skilfully prepare business plans but also to serve
as intermediaries between the sources of investment resources and
originators of investment projects, to provide an efficient support and
monitoring of these projects. 

The construction complex of the Oblast is capable of performing any
architectural and construction projects using state-of-the-art
technologies both by order from investors and in accordance with own
planning/designing documentation that are prepared by Technical
University of Construction and Architecture and Municipal Economy
Academy. 400 construction organisations are active in the Oblast; over
60 enterprises in construction and building material industry produce
cement, asbestos-cement products, reinforced concrete and concrete
products, construction ceramics, etc. 


In provision of the public with home telephones the Kharkiv Oblast is
one of the leading oblasts of Ukraine. The network of electric
communication, mobile communication is rather widely developed; there
are developed the services in package commutation data transfer using
X.25 and Frame Relay technologies, searching radio call (paging and
trunking communication); Internet network is rapidly developing. 

Transportation network

The Kharkiv Oblast retains a convenient transport and geographical
position at the crossing of international ways ‘North-South’ and

The largest national highways – Kyiv – Kharkiv – Rostov and Moscow –
Simferopol cross the territory of Oblast. 

Kharkiv is the junction of rail links in the Eastern Ukraine, which
services six adjacent oblasts. 

In 1995, Kharkiv Airport received the international status. There are 3
lines of the subway with 26 stations. 

Hotel and Customer Sevices

A wide network of hotels and public catering enterprises is available in
Kharkiv. Kharkiv, Kyivska, Mir and other hotels provide their services
of European standards to guests of the city. 
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