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НазваKharkiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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standards to guests of the city.


Numerous laundries, dry cleaners, and other consumer service

establishments both at hotel and all round the city propose their



In addition to numerous store that sell goods of domestic and foreign

producers, there is a number of stores that offer goods of leading

foreign companies.


All these make it possible to hope that businessmen who are going to

connect their business with the Kharkiv Region would feel themselves

comfortably when staying in our city.




In terms of provision and general economic potential Ukrainian oblasts

differ a lot from each other.


In this regard, according to investment attractivity (developed in the

Kiev Reform Institute) the Kharkiv oblast joins the group of so-called

leaders and takes the 6-th place among the most attractive oblasts in

terms of investment.


Foreign economic relations and foreign investments


The main goods that are exported abroad are as follows:


- machines and equipment;


- air- and spacecraft;


- electric machines;


- products of pharmaceutical and chemical industries; and


- food products, consumer products.


The main imports are as follows:


- mineral fuel; and


- machines and equipment.


Special Regime of Investment Activities


Act of Ukraine “On Special Regime of Investment Activities in the

Territory of the City of Kharkiv” is aimed to create a favourable

climate for both domestic and foreign investors. This Act came into

force from January 01, 2000, and creates attractive conditions for

investments in the development of priority economic activities.


Benefits and privileges as provided by Special Regime of Investment

Activities cover Projects the amount of investments whereof is over US$

3,000,000 for production of machines and equipment, metal-working; over

US$ 1,000,000 for production of electric power, gas and water,

transportation, communication, processing of scrap metal and metal

waste; over US$700,000 for civil engineering, waste treatment, chemical

production, furniture production, pulp-and-paper and printing

industries; over US$500,000 for food industry and processing farming

products, light industry.


Benefits and privileges provided for are as follows:


- exemption for 5 years from import duty and import VAT of raw

materials, supplies, equipment and constituent parts thereto that are

connected with the realisation of Investment Projects pursuant to

agreements (contracts) entered into with the Council;


- exemption from 100 per cent of taxation for 3 years and from 50 per

cent of tax on profit for further 3 years (in the part of profit earned

from the use of investments);


- exclusion of the amount of investments attracted from the gross



- exemption for 5 years from payment for land during the period of

developing the latter.


Institute for Single Crystals, Scientific and Technological Concern


The implementation of an innovation state policy requires for a new

technological, sectoral, and structural organisation of the national

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