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НазваKherson Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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The oblast is located in the south of Ukraine in Prichernomorskaya low

valley, in a steppe zone, in the low current of Dnieper. Is washed by

the Black and Azov seas, and also by Sivash (Rotten sea) and Kakhovka

reservoir. In the territory of the oblast there are 19 rivers. The

greatest rivers are the Dnieper river of 178 km in length, Ingulets

river having 180 km in length.


Khersonshchina borders in the east with Zaporozhye, in the northwest –

with Nikolaev, in the north – with the Dnepropetrovsk oblasts, in the

south along Sivash and Perekopsky isthmus – with Autonomous Republic of

Crimea. Along the territory of the oblast there is a state border by of

458 km long, including 350 km in the Black and 108 km in the Azov seas.

On the border there are 4 passways items: the airport, river port,

seaports of Kherson and Skadovsk.


The area is 28,5 thousand square kilometres, it contains 4,7% from

territory of Ukraine. Distance from Kherson to Kiev is


- 664 km by Railway;


- 584 km by Highways.


Climate is moderate – continental, droughty. Annual temperature is more

than +22,4°N on summer, -2,1°N on winter. Maximal annual temperature is

+40°N on summer, -31,5°N on winter. Duration of the warm period is per

average 179 days in one year. The annual quantity (amount) of deposits

from 300 up to 420 g. The vegetation period lasts 200 days. In the north

of Khersonshchina most of all take place in southern black soils with

forest subsoil. In the south they pass in the dark – chestnut and

chestnut ground, which located sometimes together with salt-marshes. For

the coast of the Black and Azov seas salt-marsh are featured.


Administrative – territorial units


Quantity of administrative regions is 18: Belozerski, Berislavski,

Velikolepetiski, Velikooleksandrivsksi, Verhnyorogachitski,

Visokopilski, Genicheski, Gornostayevski, Ivanovski, Kalanchatski,

Kahovski, Nignyosirogoski, Novovorontsovski, Novotroitski, Skadovski,

Tsurupinski, Chaplinski.


There are 3 cities of regional importance: Kherson – 349,6 thousand

people, Novaya Kakhovka – 55,6 thousand people, Kakhovka – 41,5 thousand





Urban – 742,1 thousand men., or 61,4% of the population of oblast.


Natural reduction for 5 months – 2,4 thousand men.


Village – 465,8 thousand men., or 38,6% of the population of the oblast.


Natural reduction – 1,5 thousand men.


Male – 565,3 thousand men., 46,8% the population of oblast.


Female – 642,6 thousand men., 53,2% the population of oblast.


Quantity of the pensioners – 317,4 thousand men, 26% to the population

of the oblast.


From them:


Due to age – 230,1 thousand people.


Due to physical inability – 45,3 thousand people.


Density of the population per 1 sq. km – 43,0 men


Birth rate (per 1000 inhabitants) – 8,0 men.


Death rate (per 1000 inhabitants) – 15,6 men.


Natural reduction of the population (per 1000 inhabitants) – 7,6 men.


Employment of the population (Data given on 01.01.2001)


Quantity of the population engaged in all spheres of economic activity

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