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Khmelnytsky Region ()
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(165-240 km). 

The oblast exists in present boundaries since September 22, 1937, when
the Kamyanets-Podilsky oblast was formed by the resolution of the
All-Union Central Executive Committee of the USSR. In May 1941 the
regional center was transferred to the town of Proskurov, and in January
1954 the oblast with its center were given a new name of Khmelnytsky. 

A particular place in the historical chronicle of Podillya is held by
the ancient Kamyanets-Podilsky, one of the oldest historic towns of
Ukraine. Owing to a unique combination of the historical, architectural
inheritance and the landscape of the river Smotrytch canyon the ancient
Rus and medieval parts the town has been declared the state
historical-architectural memorial. Architectural memorials of 15th-19th
centuries include about 200 buildings and constructions. Formidable
defense fortifications of the Old Town, the fortress and its bridge, a
combination of cult buildings of various religions produce an inimitable

Considering the rich historical-architectural inheritance of the Old
Town the National Commission of Ukraine for matters of UNESCO in May
1994 recommended to nominate it as a candidate for the register of the
worlds cultural inheritance. 

In the village of Medzhybizh there is the grave of Baal-Shem Tova, the
founder of the one of the major trends of Judaic faith, the Khasidism,
which is a Mecca for religious pilgrims, khasids. 

Also of great interest are other architectural and antique monuments of
the oblast, as well as natural exotics: fortresses in the towns of
Letychiv and Khotyn, karsts grotto Atlantide, health resort Sataniv,
located in the picturesque place of ancient Medobory hills, Blue Lakes
in the woods near the town of Slavuta, the Holy Lake associated with
the ancient legend, in the woods near the town of Izyaslav, canyons of
the Dnister river that flows in the south of the oblast, and Podilsky
Tovtry  the largest national natural park in Ukraine and Europe. 


Mechanical engineering and metal processing hold an important place
among the brunches of industry. 44.2% of the total number of industrial
workers is occupied in this branch. The enterprises of this branch
produce workbenches, machine tools, forging and pressing machines,
transformers, farm machinery for plant growing, equipment for processing
sectors of the agro-industrial complex, cables, electrical engineering
products. The largest enterprises of the oblast include public
joint-stock companies (PJSC) Ukrelectroaparat, Kation, Advis,
Prigma-pres, Termoplastavtomat, State Enterprise Novator,
Kamyanets-Podilsky PJSC Motor, Electroprylad and cable works, PJSC
Shepetivsky cultivator works, Volochysky PJSC Nominal, machine-tool
building PJSC Hover in Horodok and others. 

In the previous year oblasts enterprises started commercial production
of new kinds of goods. Among them are forage combine harvester Maral-125
Podillya(Advis), container and packing manufacturing machinery
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