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Khmelnytsky Region ()
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packing manufacturing machinery

(Termoplastavtomat), space heating boilers (Temp), rifle butts and

fore stock (Neva), new types of hard-alloy disk saws

(Kamyanets-Podilsky wood-cutting tool works Motor), new series

electrolytic capacitors (Kation), combined cultivating unit Podillya

(Shepetivsky cultivator works), range of new transformers

(Ukrelectroaparat), radio stations for diesel and electric locomotives

(Novator), electric vacuum cleaners (Shepetivsky works Pulsar) as

well as gas, water, and heat flow meters and other products.


The leading place is held by the food industry, whose output makes 35.4%

of the total oblasts production. It includes such sectors as sugar,

bakery, confectionary, macaroni, canned-vegetable, meat and dairy,

distillery, brewing, flour-grinding/cereal, tobacco, etc., which employs

22,4%of industrial workers of the oblast.


The Khmelnytsky oblast is one of the most important Ukrainian

sugar-making oblasts, 16 sugar factories function here. The largest of

them are in Khmelnytsky, Shepetivka, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Teofipol,

Horodok, and Derazhnya.


The light industry of the oblast develops on the base of processing of

local raw materials (leather) and the ones brought from the outside

(wool, cotton, textile). It includes such sectors as garment, textile,

footwear, knitwear, and haberdashery. The largest enterprises are PJSC

Vzutex, PJSC Leather Haberdashery, closed joint-stock company

Khmelnytsklehprom, Dunaivtsy cloth factory, and garment factory in



The forest and woodwork industry produces furniture, containers,

building materials, paper and board. The largest factories are in

Khmelnytsky, Izyaslav, and Letychiv. Products of joint-stock companies

Slavutsko-Polyanska Paper factory and Poninkivsky Board and Paper

works have a great demand.


Power industry is of great importance for the development of the

oblasts economy. The Khmelnytsky Power Nuclear Plant in Netishyn is

connected with the power grids of Ukraine and Central European

Countries. The share of the power industry in the total output

constitutes 34.2%.


Ther are also enterprises that manufacture domestic-chemistry goods

(Lotos in Slavuta), musical instruments (Oktava in Iziaslav),

tableware, medical instruments, and recreational and other consumer





The Khmelnytsky oblast contains about 4% of all farmlands in Ukraine.

The 1st place among agricultural sectors is held by the plant growing,

which gives 56% of the total agricultural output.


Cereal crops occupy the largest sown areas among them is winter wheat.

Barley, peas, oats, buckwheat are also cultivated.


The Khmelnytsky oblast is one of the most important sugar-beat growing



An important sector of plant growing is potato growing.


Essential oil-bearing plants are cultivated in Letychivsky,

Derazhniansky, and Khmelnytsky districts, and chicory in Slavutsky and

Starokostiantynivsky districts.


Natural conditions are favorable for development of vegetable growing,

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