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НазваKhmelnytsky Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ditions are favorable for development of vegetable growing,

but sown lands for vegetable growing are small so far. Over 40% of sown

lands are occupied by forage crops (perennial grasses, corn for silage,

peas, vetch, fodder beets, alfalfa, turnips).


Podillya is a land of gardening. Main fruit crops include apple, pear,

apricot, cherry, merry, and walnuts. The animal farming in the oblast is

based on a field fodder production, natural pastures, food industry

wastes, and manufacture of combined fodder. The most important sectors

are beef and dairy cattle farming and pig breeding. Poultry, sheep, and

rabbit breeding, apiculture and fish farming are developed as well.


The program of animal farming intensification was worked out in the

oblast. The base of it is the establishment of specialized arrays of

breeding stock, competitive dairy and beef cattle, increase in the share

of hybrid and crossbred young pigs. A network of breeding centers and

farms is functioning. It is planned to change the structure of the main

herd towards increase of the number of beef cows in the Polissya zone

and to compensate the reduction of dairy cattle by raising their





The Khmelnytsky oblast has a well-developed transportation network. Its

location at transport routs that connect main industrial oblasts of

Ukraine (metropolitan, Kharkiv, Dniproside, Donbas), Russia and the

Black Sea ports with western Ukraine and countries of Central and East

Europe is very important.A railway and a number of motor roads leading

to Belorus, Baltic countries, Molodova and South-East Europe cross the

oblast from north to south.


The main means of freight and passenger transportation within the oblast

and to other oblasts is the railway. The oblast is situated in the

functioning zone of the southwest railway and has 40 railway stations.

The largest junctions are Shepetivka and Hrechany (near Khmelnitsky).


The oblast center has a convenient railway communication with European

capitals – Moscow, Prague, Bratislave, Warsaw, Budapest, and Belgrade.


In future the transport communication will improve – it is planned to

build a high-speed motorway “West Europe-Kiev” that will pass through

the oblast.


Khmelnitsky has an airport with concrete runway of 2,200 meters long,

wich meets the requirements of an international airport.


Gas pipelines crossing the oblast represent the pipeline transportation:

“Soyiuz” (Orenburg – western border of Ukraine), Urengoi-Uzhgorod, and



Telecommunications in the oblast are developing. The Kyiv-West

fiber-optical cable has been laid across the oblast, “Utel”

international communication system expands the zone of its functioning

and the mobile phone communication network is developing.




Forming of the market relations period in the oblast is marked by

intensification of foreign economic activity. During the last years the

amounts of export and import have grown. The oblast’s trade balance is

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