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НазваKirovohrad Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	Kirovograd Region is situated in the center of Ukraine, between the
rivers of the Dnieper and the Southern Bug.


The history of the Region begins in IV-III millennium B. C.: the
trypilska culture was developed in the Region's territory. The
settlements of chornoliska, chernyakhivska cultures and Scythian tribes
have been discovered. In the late 1st millennium A. D. the northern
parts of the Region formed a part of the Kyiv Rus. Later on the
territory of the Region was under the rule of Lithuania, Poland. Our
ancestors have domesticated a horse, they were engaged in farming and
stock-breeding, they defended their land from aggressors. 

In the 2nd half of the 15th century this territory became a part of the
lands where the Zaporizhia Cossacks community was organized. 

Later, during almost three centuries, the lands belonged mostly to the
"Zaporizhia Army Liberties". Cossacks worked and fought for their
independence there. 

The first battle of the Cossacks’ Liberation War (1648-1654) near Zhovti
Vody took place on the territory of modern Kirovograd Region. In the
middle of the 18th c. A. D. the colonization of this territory by the
people from Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia began. In 1752 the New Serbia,
and in 1754 – the fortress of Saint Elizabeth were founded, which later
became the town of Elizabethgrad (modern Kirovograd) – the district
center in Kherson province. 

The present borders of Kirovograd Region were formed in 1939. Nowadays
the territory of Kirovograd Region is 24,6 thousand square km (4,1% of
the total territory of Ukraine). The population is 1115,7 thousand
people (2,3% of the population of Ukraine). The density of the
population in Kirovograd Region is 45,3 people per square km (in Ukraine
it is 80 people per square km). 

60,2% of the Kirovograd Region population (673,4 thousand inhabitants)
is urban; 39,8% (442,3 thousand inhabitants) is rural. The
representatives of more than 98 ethnic groups live in Kirovograd Region:
90,1% – Ukrainians, 7,5% – Russians, 0,7% – Moldavians and others. 

Kirovograd Region consists of 21 administrative districts, 12 cities (4
of them are under regional authority), 26 urban villages, and 1024

The mild and warm climate of Kirovograd Region, radon and mineral water
deposits (about 150 000 cu. m per year), forests, valleys, rivers,
create favorable conditions for organization of short and long-term
recreation and entertainment, as well as a system of health resorts. 

The position of the Region in the center of the Ukrainian crystalline
massif causes the formation of large rare metal deposits. The
characteristic feature of Kirovograd metallogenic zone is the whole
range of ore-bearing rocks: tungsten, copper, molybdenum, apatite,
uranium, gold and silver, bismuth, tin, lead, beryllium, stibium,
tantalum and niobium. 

Kirovograd Region potential of mineral resources and sources of raw
materials is more than 340 deposits of minerals; 107 of them are being
developed: among them deposits of coal, iron ore, nickel ore, raw
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