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НазваKirovohrad Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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its of coal, iron ore, nickel ore, raw
materials for atomic power engineering (uranium), non-metallic minerals.

During the last decade deposits of gold were discovered in Kirovograd
Region. In future it can favor the development of gold-mining industry.
According to the geological survey information, there is a possibility
of discovering new deposits of platinum, diamonds, chromium and rare
metals on the territory of Kirovograd Region. 

The economy of Kirovograd Region is agrarian – industrial. 

The structure of the gross output is the following: 

agriculture – 32,1% 

industry – 28,1% 

transport and communication – 11,6% 

municipal economy – 5,1% 

other branches of material and non-material production – 23,1% 

Kirovograd Region is known as the region of a well-developed

Plant cultivation takes the leading place in the agricultural gross
output (73%) of Kirovograd Region; livestock farming has 27%. 

The main grain crops grown in the Region are winter wheat, barley,
maize, leguminous plants, buckwheat and millet. The leading position
among the industrial crops is occupied by sunflower and sugar beet. 

The main sectors of gardening are growing of apples, pears, plums,
cherries and berries. 

The livestock farming is represented by sheep-breeding, cattle, poultry
and pig raising. 

The share of the main types of agricultural products within their total
production in Ukraine is as follows: sunflower – 10%; grain and
leguminous crops – 6,7%; sugar beet (industrial) – 5,2%; meat – 3,0%;
milk – about 2,8%. 

There are 4 stud farms in the Region dealing with stud-horse breeding
and improvement of breeding abilities. The main breeds raised on these
stud farms are thoroughbred saddle-horse and Ukrainian saddle-horse. 

The irrigated area in Kirovograd region is 51,3 thousand hectares,
including 21,2 thousand hectares of inter-farm systems. 

The industrial complex of Kirovograd Region includes 12 branches; 292
industrial enterprises work in the region. The food industry occupied
33,9%, machine-building and metal-working industry – 22,7%,
power-engineering – 17,7%, building materials industry – 5,3%, fuel
industry – 3,1%, non-ferrous metallurgy – 2,1%, light industry – 1,6%. 

The food-processing industry in the region is represented by 93
processing enterprises. The milk-processing sector includes 12
enterprises, flour-milling and groats-making – 13, sugar-refining –11,
meat-processing – 8. The fat-and-oil industry is represented by 11
enterprises producing 35% of total food industry output in the Region. 

Kirovograd Region is famous for the production of nearly all types of
sowing and harvesting machines, electrical lifting cranes, brown coal
briquettes, nickel, graphite, mineral wax, etc. 

The economy of Kirovograd Region is mainly specialized in agriculture.
That’s why the goal of the machine building industry is meeting the
requirements of agriculture and processing industry in necessary
machines and spare parts. 


The enterprises of the Region produce ready-made garments, hosiery, soft
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