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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	Kyiv City is located in the center of Eastern Europe and has attractive
geographical location and natural conditions. Kyiv is located on the
both banks of Dnipro river, lowest of inflow of left flow – Desna. North
part of the city is located on Polisskiy lowland, southwestern (right
bank) – on Prydniprivsky highland, south-eastern (left bank) – on
Prydniprovsky lowland. Exceeding of relative highland on right bank is
reached to 100-105 m. Left bank part of Kyiv is melted terrace, weak
shared plain with over heights to 35 m. 

Climate in Kyiv is moderate continental, with relative soft winter and
warm summer. Average temperature in January is -6,0°C, -6,1°C and in
July is +19,1°C, +19,2°C. Average annual level of sediment is 600 mm a
year (from 551 to 628 mm). Humidity of wind is 51-52% in May and 94-95%
in December. Number of hours of sunny days is 1843 a year. 

Influence of Kyiv and Kanev reservoirs is explained the strengthen of
breeze circulation, changes of wind speed and sum of atmosphere

Area of Kyiv in administrative borders is 83,6 thous. ha (836,
including 33,8 thous. ha are built up or 40%, and including 6,2 thous.
ha are built up by living houses. The industrial objects possess 6
thous. ha of land, public built up – 6,7 thous, ha, streets, squares and
embankments – 5 thous. ha, objects of transport – 2,2 thous. ha.
Forests, green plantation of general usage and reservoirs possess more
than half of the city territory. The basic of green plantation of the
city is a unique water and green diameter with length for 30 km and
width of 1,5-5 km, which includes area of water of Dnipro with islands,
coastal parks and meows parks. 

The main water resource of the city is Dnipro. The width of Dnipro is
400-600 m, depth is 6-12 m: on shallow water, the width is 800-1000 m,
the depth is 4-5 m in the boundaries of the city. The freezing-over
lasts from the end of November till the beginning of March. Following
rivers as Lybid, Syrets, Vita (right inflows of Dnipro), Gorenka, Nyvka
(inflow of Irpen) run on the territory of Kyiv. The water objects on the
territory of the city possess about 6,7 thous. ha of area at whole. 

Kyiv has rich recreation resources. The city is surrounded by continuous
circle of forests practically. The Coniferous and big-leafs forests are
located on the North, northwest and west (zone of mixed forests), and in
forest-steppe zone – big leafs forests. The considerable natural and
artificial forest parks and parks are located in the boundaries of the
city. The allocation for green plantation is more than 200 sq.m. per
inhabitant of area. 

The attractive natural conditions of Kyiv are assisted to establishment
and development of two climatic resorts: Pushcha-Vodytsya and
Koncha-Zaspa (resort of general state significance). 37 sanatoriums and
boarding houses with treatment, houses of rest and besides 27
sanatorium-dispensaries are functioned on the territory of the city. 

41 objects of natural-reserve fund, including 14 of state significance
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