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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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und, including 14 of state significance

are located on the territory of the city. Among it area Botanic garden

named after Academic Fomin O.V., Central Republic Botanic Garden of NAS

of Ukraine, Syrets dendropark, zoo and parks-monuments of garden and

park art.




Kyiv is a historical city with glorious past. It is officially

determinated, that the foundation of the city was more than 1500 years

ago. For this period of time, city lived through upwards and down wards,

Kyiv is a capital of Rus, a state establishment of eastern Slavs and

Russians from Ix till the beginning of XIII century. The fast

development of Kyiv was stopped by Tatar and Mongol piled up, as a

result, the city was destroyed and rubberized in 1240.


The economical rehabilitation of Kyiv was started in XIV century and it

became the heart of Ukrainian nationality formation. The gradual

incorporation of Ukrainian lands to Lithuania State “Great Principality

of Lithuanian” took place. From 1362 Kyiv is under power of Lithuania

and in 1470 Kyiv Principality was re-organized to Province in the

membership of Lithuania State, Kyiv City increased and developed as

economical center of Ukraine.


Kyiv received Magdeburg Law in 1494-1497 and it gave Kyiv an

opportunityto perform self-governing in the city. It was progressive

act, which assisted to all – round social and economical development of



Lithuania united with Poland into Rich Pospolita by Lublana Union in

1596. From this time, Kyiv was under power of Poland. The next one

hundred years were characterized of liberated fighting of Ukrainian

people against Polish Shlyahta. As a result it was announced of Ukraine

as a State and further it unification With Russia (caused of several

political reasons).


Kyiv became the member of Russia in 1654, and from 1708 the city became

the center of Kyiv Guberniya. The further historical period is

characterized by considerable successes of the city in economical

development, that positive reflected on general social and economical

condition of all Russian Empire. Kyiv was a member of Russia till 1917.


The breakdown of Russian Empire in 1917 gave an opportunity to Ukraine

to receive independence. Kyiv was a capital of Ukrainian People Republic

fro this non-long period of time (1918-1919).


After finishing of public war and establishment of USSR, Kyiv City

became the capital of Ukrainian SSR. It was written a tragic and

glorious pages in the history of Ukraine during it membership in USSR.

The outstanding specialists of Ukrainian science and culture,

representatives of technical, creative intelligentsia, military leaders

and specialists were disparaged by different reasons. Kyivers were in

this mass at whole.


But at this time due to efforts of Ukrainian people, Ukraine became the

second one after Russia, economically developed republic of USSR, and

Kyiv took the powerful place among prominent cities with developed

economical and social sphere.


During Seconf World War, Kyiv was fully destroyed practically. The hero

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