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and define the financial, investment and industrial policy in all
regions of the country. 

The headquarters of all banks with 100% of the foreign capital, and also
representation of foreign banks, which have not received yet that the
licenses for activity in Ukraine, are located in Kyiv. Among foreign
banks, which have high-grade branches (classified, as the Ukrainian
banks with 100% of the foreign capital) are "Societe General Ukraine",
"Credit Lione Ukraine", "ING Bank Ukraine","Credit Swiss First of Boston
(Ukraine)", "Incombank Ukraine", "Creditanshtaltd Ukraine", "Citibank
Ukraine", "Raiffeisenbank Ukraine". It activity on territory of Ukraine
strengthens leading positions of Kyiv as financial centre of the state. 

Insurance companies

There is registered more than 200 insurance companies in Ukraine,
including 50% of which are in Kiev. Besides, Sea and Air bureau, which
are engaged in insurance sea, river and air transportation, are located
in Kyiv. The share of Kyiv insurance companies, which enter in list of
thirty of the first insurance organisations of Ukraine, makes more than
40% of volume of receipts of insurance payments. 

Consulting companies

The transition of economy of Ukraine to market conditions has caused
burst of demand on various consulting services (legal, audit, and advice
from management, research of the market, expert estimation). Arrival on
Ukraine of the foreign companies, development of foreign trade
activities of the domestic companies have created the market for foreign
consulting firms, both very known, and medium and small. The
considerable quantity of it works in Ukraine. Headquarters of foreign
consulting firms and the majority of Ukrainian firms are located
directly in the capital od state. In particular, the offices of
Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Barents Group LLC, Alliance Consultancy
Limited, Robertson&Blums Corporation, B.C. TOMS&Co Work., Baker&McKenze,
White&Associates work in the capital. 

Office centres

The general area of office centres of the international level is more
than 100 thousand sq.m. at the present time. The majority of modern
office complexes were constructed for capital of the foreign investors.
The foreign partners together constructed some popular business centre
in the city, with local authority in frameworks specially created for
these purpose joint ventures. Among it is Business centre "Europe", Kyiv
– Donbas, International office and hotel centre. 


With the purpose of stimulation of innovation activity directed on
satisfaction of needs not only Ukrainian, but also foreign industry, it
is created six technological parks in the capital of Ukraine:
"Semi-conductor technologies and materials, optical electronics and
touch engineering " (Kyiv City), "Institute of electric welding named
after E.O. Paton" (Kyiv City). Both technoparks are organised on the
basis of prominent institutes of National Academy of Sciences, which
represented powerful scientific and industrial complexes. 
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