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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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The basic advantage of created technoparks is an opportunity of granting

to the projects, carried out in it, a special regime of investment and

innovation activity. The necessary conditions for granting a

preferential regime is the project, with foremost direction

implementation and also it total cost.






Modern Kyiv is an educational centre of the country. The existing system

of education is more than 1,2 thousand establishments: from a children

gardens to establishments of post-diploma education. More than 750

thousand children, schoolboys and students, and also considerable number

of the practical workers, which raise the qualification, are in

educational establishments of Kyiv.


The system of preschool education in Kyiv countes about 700

establishments. The quantity of general educational establishments in

city exceeds 400 units. The activity from preparation of personnel with

maximum qualification for work in modern conditions of market economy in

Kyiv is carried out by more than 100 higher educational institutions of

I, II, III and IV grades of accreditation, 44 secondary professional

educational institutions, and also by system of improvement of

professional skill of the specialists. All this causes that fact, that

there is a skilled staff, capable works to provide the implementation of

scientific and technical progress (STP) in the economy of city and to

assist the decision of industrial and social tasks, practically of any



Health Care


Kiev is one of the prominent centres of health care in the country. 100

stationary hospital establishments, about 250 out-patient – policlinic

establishments function in the city. The number of the doctors of all

specialities makes more than 20 thous. persons., or 80 per 10 thousand

population. The significant attention in city is payed to preventive

maintenance of diseases, development of physical culture and sports. 24

stadiums (including National Olympic stadium with 82,5 thous. seats and

Palace of Sports), 25 swimming pools, 486 sports halls, numerous sports

grounds function in Kyiv.


There are advisory polyclinics, female advices, polyclinics at

stationary establishments, dyspansesr, independent polyclinics, dantist

polyclinics in the system of Head Department for health care (HDHC) in

Kyiv City.


Important attention is payed to work of branches ambulance. Their total

number makes 28 items for the adult and 17 items for children in Kyiv.


Chemist's network of the city is provided by sufficient assortment and

quantity of medical means for organization of medical process of the

Index out-patient and stationary patients.




The management of investment activity is one of the important functions

of local authorities in the capital of Ukraine. Thus the main task is

stimulation of increase of volumes of investments in priority

directions. The system of priorities reflects the profile, which

achievement or, at least, aspiration to which, will provide to a maximum

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