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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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at least, aspiration to which, will provide to a maximum

extent an integrated approach and constancy of social and economical

development of Kyiv. That is why the priorities with respect to

investments constitute an "answer" to problems of this or that

disproportions (branch, territorial, resource etc.).


The local authorities consider to take appropriate measures in the

following priority directions:


1. Development of the most perspective branches of industrial complex of

Kyiv, among which are light and food industry, manufacture of medicines,

medical preparations and machinebuilding related thereto, aircraft- and

shipbuilding, as well as industry of building materials. The development

of these spheres can be based on the modern technologies of production

of new composite materials, biotechnologies, newest technologies of

physics of low temperatures, technologies of energy saving and energy

supply, nuclear physics, electric welding, space technologies and the



2. Increase of export potential in any kind of economic activities. The

solution of this problem is a separate important direction of modern

investment policy of the city directed at priority and the most

competent development of those subjects of enterprise activity, which

produce competitive products by using modern technologies and need

certain impulses for confident and long-term entrance to the world

market, including the CIS’s market.


3. Development of municipal economy and social sphere. Kyiv needs to

modernize objects and networks of water- and heat supply, water drain,

electric and gas networks, local transport infrastructure,

reconstruction of existing housing fund, increase of volumes of

production and the like.


4. Solution of number of ecological and social problems. The plans of

long-term development of Kyiv, as the capital of the independent state,

provide gradual removal of the city’s borders, reconstruction of the

enterprises by changing their basic activity, which pollute the

environment, reduction of toxic emissions in the atmosphere by motor

transport, creation of an effective system of health care of population,

and in first instance, of children. The solution of these tasks demands

significant volumes of investment, however not all funds should come

from the budget. The part of demand can be covered at the expense of

non-state sources.


5. Finishing of formation of the international business infrastructure

in the Kyiv City, for organisational and technical maintenance of

circulation of the capital, including foreign investments, and also

goods and services meeting world standards. In order to achieve this

purpose it is necessary to finish the formation of a network of the

rationally located business-centres of classes A and B, to finish large

scaled of hotel network, to create and complete available objects,

several five star hotels, to build modern objects of logistic system, to

provide the accelerated development of telecommunication systems and

information technologies.

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