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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
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mation technologies.


Regarding legal aspects, the formation and realization of investment

policy are based on:


- observance of nation-wide rules, which regulate the activity of

investors and power of local authorities concerning the control over

investment activity;


- maximal use of opportunities given by legislation for stimulation of

investments in priority directions;


- use of general powers of local authorities and special powers

stipulated by the Law of Ukraine "Our capital of Ukraine - city-hero of

Kyiv", for directing and supporting investments in priority directions.


There are two approaches to management of investment activities in the

capital: general (regional macroeconomic) and address. In the first case

the measures are directed to the creation of general favorable

investment climate and formation of positive investment image of capital

of Ukraine. That is why, the general approach provides the improvement

of social and economical conditions for all investors.


The address approach is a direct continuation of strategy of priorities.

It provides active direct participation of local authorities in

realization of certain projects, which have importance for cities within

the social and economical meaning. The cooperation with investors and

their support by the cite can have various forms depending on scale,

branch orientation, relations of the property and land relations and the

like. The minimal scheme of support includes the centralized

coordination of actions of all local bodies of power and their

structural subunits involved in the procedure for approving of

construction projects, registration of various sanctions (licenses)

necessary for conducting this or that economic activity. More complex

schemes of support of the investment project can provide the investor

with municipal guarantees, privileges under local taxes and duties,

including the land fee, and also direct participation in the project by

municipal property, capital or other assets.


All actions of local authority carry program character and directed to

the achievement of basic tasks, which are determined in sphere of

investment activity in the Kyiv City. The investment policy is realized

on the basis of the plans of measures stipulated for short and the

long-term periods.


The investment policy of local authority has an open "public" character.

Each interested investor may address to the Kyiv City State

Administration to state the estimation of efficiency of policy, which

will be carried out, and also to submit appropriate offers for its

improvements. Several constantly working mechanisms of "reverse

connection" are stipulated: meetings of the city heads with ambassadors,

trade attache and large investors, which occur on the basis of certain



The investment policy of local authority is general for all investors

irrespective of the country, to which they owing to, their form of

ownership and the like. Restrictions can be possible only in connection

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