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with international obligations of Ukraine. 

The investment policy of local authorities does not provide
differentiation in any questions between the internal and external
investors. The national regime works for non-residents, except for
specific issues, too. 


Total sum of foreign investments

In the sphere of investment activities of foreign companies Kyiv leads
among other regions of the country for several years and gets one third
of the total foreign financing of Ukraine. 

The leading role and positive dynamics in foreign investment is
explained appreciably by capital status of city, that Kyiv City is a
business, financial centre of the state. Thus, certainly, not all
investments of foreign companies registered in the capital of Ukraine
are directed to creation of new objects on the city’s territory. Despite
of considerable flows of investments passing through the Ukrainian
capital, the city badly needs capital investments practically in all
areas of its economy. 

Countries, from which foreign capitals come

With respect to the geographical plan the structure of foreign
investments in economy of the city is characterized by rather stable
data. The list of the biggest countries – investors remains constant
during the last three years. The leaders are such highly developed
countries as the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Benilux countries, and
island countries, which have on their territory offshore zones
(basically – on Cyprus). However, the stability of geographical
structure does not mean its absolute static character. Annually there
are new countries – investors, which make considerable investments. 

Types of the investments

During the last years the positive tendencies in the structure of
registered foreign investments under forms of their implementation are

1. The share of foreign investments in the form of property, in
particular of furniture, computers, office equipment and other
non-productive property, continues to be reduced. 

2. The share of the investments made in the form of a currency is

3. The share of re-investments grows which testifies satisfactory
financial and economic results of the enterprises with foreign capital
and their desire to further work at the Ukrainian market. 

Branch structure of investment

During all years of independence of the state the branch structure of
the investments is characterized by presence of stable group of the most
attractive types of economical activity, by which the basic share of the
foreign investments is directed. Internal trade, finance, industry and
construction are leading branches where foreign investments are
attracted. 70-75% of foreign investments are directed to the city. 

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