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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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iv was fully destroyed practically. The hero
defense of Kyiv lasted 72 days in 1941. And the city was liberated on 6
November 1943. 

Kyiv was awarded an honoured title of “city-hero” for heroism of city
inhabitants during the war, it strong resistance against enemy and
economical contribution to the victory. It was expressed in Law Of
Ukraine “On capital of Ukraine – city-hero Kyiv”. 

Supreme Soviet of Ukraine announced the Declaration on Independence in
1991 and Kyiv became the capital of one of the biggest countries of
Europe – independent Ukraine. The city not only kept, but also improved
those positions, which had in Soviet Union. Kyiv is stayed a center and
symbol of sovereign for Eastern Slavs, an evidence of it historical
identity, that confirmed by numerous historical and architectural and
other monuments irrespectively on reasons. And the city look likes the
same for all Ukrainian society at the present time. 


Capital of Ukraine – Kyiv City, on the modern stage of own development,

1. Political; and administrative center of the state, place of location

- residence of the State Head – President of Ukraine;

- Supreme Soviet of Ukraine;

- Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine;

- Constitutional Court of Ukraine;

- Other central state authorities. 

2. Economical center of Ukraine 

The powerful economical potential is concentrated in Kyiv, consisted of
multi branch industry, building complex, developed systems of branches
of public economy, transport means, systems of modern connection and the

More than 485 biggest industrial enterprises and thousands of small and
joint ventures, building organizations, transport organizations,
connection and the like are located and worked in Kyiv. The considerable
building potential is formed in the capital: more than 200 contract
building and assembling organizations, numerous number of project and
search enterprises, about one and a half thousands small building
enterprises and cooperatives work. Wide net of local transport is
functioned in Kyiv. 

The location on the crossing of numerous transport highways is promoted
to economical development of Kyiv: water, railway, automobile, air. It
passes from west to east (from countries of Western and Central Europe
to Russia, and to Caucuses), and from North to South (from Russia to
Baltic States and Scandinavia to Southwestern Europe). The
transformation of Kyiv into great junction of air transport is on by
rapid tempo for the last time. Airport “Kyiv” (Zhulyany) and closed to
it – largest international airport of the country – Boryspil, are
located in the boundaries of the city. 

3. Religious, cultural, historical, scientific and educational center of

A great number of historical, cultural and architectural monuments are
located in Kyiv and carefully saved, rehabilitated and reconstructed by
local authorities. The capital of Ukraine is to full by institutes of
science, education, and, art than other cities of the country. 
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