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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Kyiv is one of the largest scientific centers in Europe. The following

establishments are located in Kyiv: National Academy of Science and

numerous of it institutes, which has world famous scientific schools,

277 independent scientific and research and 38 independent design

organizations, and also 18 prominent high schools of Ukraine. 457 of

general educational schools.


The capital of Ukraine has a great cultural potential, including 31

museums, 33 theatres, 36 movie theatres, numerous number of constant

working art exhibitions. The most well known museums are National museum

of history of Ukraine, Museum of Ukrainian image form art, Museum of

western and eastern art.


Historical building of the city is about 6 thous, ha. In the central –

historical part of Kyiv 3 state reserves are located: State historical

and architectural reserve “Starodavniy Kyiv”; National reserve “Sofia

Kyivska”; Kyiv and Pechersk national historical and architectural

reserve. Besides, on the territory of the city there are 6 architectural

and 8 archeological reserves. There 3736 monuments of archeology,

history, architecture and town planning, monumental art are under state

protection. Among it: 243 monuments have a status of monument of state

significance, including 51 monuments of international significance bu

UNESCO classification.


4. Location place of diplomatic representatives of foreign states and

international organizations in Ukraine


The embassies and consulates of more than 70 world states are located n

the city, including an honoured consulate. Besides, there are

representatives of several international organizations as UNO, European

Union, IMF, Association of red cross and read half-moon, other numerous

organizations and associations.


5. Location place of Kyiv Region Council and Kyiv Region State

Administration and it sub-units


In accordance with Article 133 of Constitution of Ukraine, Kyiv City is

an separated administrative unit in the system of administrative and

territorial system of Ukraine, and it means, that city has not own

region, than other all regional centers of Ukraine. At the same time,

Kyiv is place of location of all main structures of Kyiv Region

governing. The mutual relations of local and regional authorities in

Kyiv City are determinated in Article 25 of Law of Ukraine “On capital

of Ukraine – city-hero Kyiv”.




Kyiv is one of leading industrial centres of Ukraine. In city works the

greater 400 large industrial enterprises of different patterns of

ownership (in general – almost 650). Besides some thousand small

enterprises of an industrial structure work in the city.


The industry of Kyiv is a unique industrial complex, which comprises the

enterprises practically of all areas except for the enterprises of an

extractive industry. As an industrial centre, Kyiv has already known by

manufacture of such competitiveness in the world market of production as

planes, sea and river vessel, electronic computer facilities, devices of

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