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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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orussia and
Ukraine. From nine international transport corridors authorised at the
second Pan-European conference, through Kyiv passes three: "Berlin –
Vrotslav – Lviv – Kyiv", "Helsinki – St.Petersburg – Moscow – Kyiv –
Chishenau – Bucharest – Alexondropolis", “Triest – Lublana – Budapest –
Kyiv”. One of main transeuropean highways “Milan – Budapest – Lviv –
Kyiv” passes through the capital of Ukraine. 

Last years, Kyiv became a key part in development of telecommunication
networks, which should connect Western Europe to the countries of CIS
and Asian continent, and has appeared at the centre of realisation of
the greatest telecommunication projects of Ukraine. Constructed South,
North and West optical and fibre lines of the communication in a complex
with the international projects (ITUR, TEL, TAE, BSFOCS), in last years
within the framework of the projects, provide an exit of Kyiv on digital
telecommunication networks of the countries of CIS and Baltic States,
Europe, Near East, and also in system FLAG (round-the-world optical and
fibre line). In Kyiv there are headquarters and work all greatest
telecommunication companies of Ukraine, the majority from which is the
enterprises with the foreign investments. 

Taking into account, that the development of Kyiv provides its
integration with the European countries, the need for development of a
modern communication facility and qualified transport services in one
hour will be increased. And it gives additional opportunities for
realisation of favourable capital investments in the field of transport
and communication. This conclusion proves to be true in particular that
in our city already was realised some large investment projects both
domestic and foreign investors for the last time. 


Spheres of circulation, among which greatest share (more than 90%) are
owing to trade and public catering, will play the important role in
formation GDP. So in 1997-98, the fourth part of total regional product
created was formed in capital. Appreciably it was connected to those by
structural changes, which in the middle of 90 years were held in local
economy: reduction of industrial manufacture, flow of the capital to
areas with insignificant term of a circulation (less than one year). The
important meaning has influence of such factor, as achievement of
positive results without the large capital investments. 


Kyiv is a centre of science of Ukraine. In city National academy of
sciences of Ukraine and majority of its branch institutes, which have
world well-known scientific schools are located. Among them are the
institutes of electric welding, powder metallurgy, cybernetics,
synthesis of composite materials, laser technology and the like. 

Besides, the various branch and departmental research and design
institutes and organisations, and also prominent higher educational
institutions of Ukraine work in Kyiv. 

In total in Kyiv, about 380 organisations are engaged in scientific
activity (almost 25% of their quantity in Ukraine). Almost 57% of
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