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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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Тип документуРеферат
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ctivity (almost 25% of their quantity in Ukraine). Almost 57% of
scientific organisations of city is concentrated in branch sector of a
science, 36% are owing to academic sector, 5% – to high school, 2% – to
scientific and research subsidiaries of the industrial enterprises. 


Air transport

Kyiv are a greatest air gate of independent Ukraine. Two international
airports serve the city. The airport "Boryspil", located for 30 km from
cities serves mainly international airlines. It connects of Kyiv with
more than 40 capitals of the countries of the world. The airport "Kyiv"
is in the municipal property and located in city boundaries. Main
offices of the greatest airlines of Ukraine are also located in Kyiv:
"Airlines of Ukraine", "International airlines of Ukraine", "Aerosvit",
and also considerable part of private passenger and cargo airlines. 

The works concerning a modernisation last for several years with the aim
that the airport "Boryspil" answered all international requirements. The
gradual updating of the airport is carried out by own forces with
attraction of the credits of the European bank for reconstruction and
development. Already some years work the modernised main terminal. The
works on creation of an additional flying and landing strip of the
international level are now conducted. 

The airport of "Kyiv" specialises, mainly on realisation of internal

Railway transportation

The railway roads connect Kyiv practically to all European capitals,
with the majority of large cities of Russia, Byelorussia and with all
large cities of Ukraine. Developed length of railway ways on territory
of city exceeds 400 km. A cargo turnover is provided 9 commodity
stations in Kyiv City. The central railway station is located in city
centre. The structurally railway network, which serves capital, is
included into structure of the Southwest railway. In Kyiv there are
headquarters of the Ukrainian railway company "Ukrzaliznytsya". A
convenient location of city, its industrial and commercial potential
assist to constant revival of business activity of a railway
transportation, increase of volume of passengers and freight

River transport

The river of Dnipro, on which both coasts located Kyiv, is an important
transport junction of Ukraine. It connects Kyiv not only to northern and
southern regions of Ukraine, ports of the Black and Azov seas, but also
with 15 European countries of pools of Danube, Main and Rhine, and also
Russian Federation, Poland and Byelorussia. 

In Kyiv, there are river cargo and passenger ports. In capital of
Ukraine, the headquarters of the joint-stock company "Ukrrichfleet",
greatest Ukrainian company of cargo carriages by water are located. The
company "River walking and excursion agency", carried out river
passenger transportation, is located in Kyiv. 


Kyiv is on a crossroads of automobile ways in East Europe. Routes from
here run which connect city both to the countries of Central and Western
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