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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ect city both to the countries of Central and Western
Europe and with Russia, Byelorussia, Armenia, Georgia and other
countries of CIS. 

The passenger transportation, including international, are carried out
by the central road service station of city, and also 7 auto stations,
which are in the different parts of Kyiv. 

Municipal transport

The complex ramified network of municipal passenger transport functions
in Kyiv. The transportation of the passengers in city is carried out by
underground, tram, trolley bus, bus, microbus and automobile taxi of
different forms of ownership. There are 3 lines of underground function
in Kyiv: Svyatoshyno-Brovarska, Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska and
Syretsko-Pecherska lines. 

To the development of underground is raised an attention for the last
years, as to the most perspective, reliable, ecologically friendly kind
of municipal passenger transport. The underground has replenished for 15
km of a underground and 8 stations for eight years. On today, Kyiv
underground has three working lines, which operational length makes
almost 50 km, 40 stations, 57 halls, 105 escalators with length of a
linen almost 17 km. Developed length of a rail track makes almost 140
km, including 103 km – main track. Developed length of tunnels makes
more than 160 km, length of a contact rail – more than 120 km. The
maximal sizes of movement of trains at hour of "peak" loading reach 40
pairs trains per hour. 

The construction and put into operation of new site of
“Syretsko-Pecherska” line of underground with length of 2,85 kms, from
station "Lukyanivska" to station "Dorogozhychy" is completed. 

It is planned to increase an operational length of lines of underground
up to 100 kms, first of all, at the expense of continuation of existing
lines in directions of housing districts Bilychi, Vynogradar, Teremky
and construction of a new fourth line of the underground from the
airport of "Kyiv" to an housing district Troeshchyna for 2010. 

Length of trolleybus lines makes about 325 km, tram track – 285 km. 

The enterprises of ground municipal transport served 328 routes,
including the bus routes total – 117 local, 43 suburban, 83 taxi, 16
inter-local and 2 international, also 31 tram and 36 trolleys routes
work in city. 

The inventory park of the rolling-stock of the municipal transport
enterprises consists from: 623 trolley buses, 612 tram cars, 564
carriages of underground, 2 carriages of cable car, 1990 buses of
different spaciousness, marks and updating, including 435 microbuses. 

Road economy

Road network of. Kyiv is about 1600 kms of roads, almost 100% from which
have the advanced firm covering. Besides, the road network includes
about 140 bridges and overpasses, 200 underground foot transitions, and
also numerous auxiliary objects. It is planned to put into operation
about 70 underground transitions, thus 40 of them will be developed on
those highways, which reorganisation is supposed by the program of
construction and reconstruction of road and transport objects (the
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