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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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on of road and transport objects (the

construction of transitions will conduct in parallel with reconstruction

of all highway) during the next years in Kyiv.


The operation and repair of working road objects is carried out by the

specialised municipal enterprise "Kyivmiskhydroshlyahmit" in Kyiv, which

also acts as a customer on construction and reconstruction of new road



100% of a road network of city is practically illuminated. It is

established over 114 thousand fixtures in streets of city.




The favourable geographical location of the capital of Ukraine assisted

that Kyiv became a key part in development of the international

telecommunication networks, which should connect Western Europe to the

countries of CIS and Asian continent for the last years.


Headquarters of all big telecommunication companies of Ukraine, the

majority from which is the enterprises with the foreign investments are

located in Kyiv. The ministry of the finance of Ukraine and KCSA is put

many efforts for stimulation of development of competition on the basic

segments of the market of telecommunication services of city.

"Ukrtelecom", OJSC provides the development and operation of local

telephone nets. "UMC", "Ukrainian radiosystems ", "Bancomzvyazok",

"DCC", "Kyivstar" work in the sphere of cellular telephone communication

(NMT and GSM systems), and "Ukrainian paging net", JV, "RADIOCOM", JSC

and " BEEPER PAGING " work in the sphere of communication.


The active re-structuring of post communication and transformations of

the Ukrainian state post enterprise of communication "Ukrainian poshta"

in joint-stock company with participation of the state will be carried



Power supply


The provision of city by the electric power, hot water and heat-carrier

for the central heating is carried out mainly by "Kyivenergo", JSC, the

share of holding is in the municipal property.


General level of electrosupply in city is rather high at whole. In the

current year eventually There was decided a problem of electrosupply of

the central part of city in current year, where it was carried out from

old substations constructed in middle 60 of years for the last time. And

that is why, it was put into operation a new electrical substation, that

has removed problems in power supply of the central part of city with

participation of World Bank.


The provision of city by gas is carried out by the municipal enterprise



It is necessary to implement the new technologies for increase of

quality service the population by gas: assemble of anti corrosion

polyethylene pipes in construction of new underground networks and

modern systems of gas meters in the enterprises and in housing and

municipal sector. Kyiv City State Administration is interested in joint

realisation of the investment projects in this sphere together with the

foreign investors.


Water supply and drainage


Provision of Kyiv by drinking water and drainage is carried out by the

municipal enterprise "Kyivvodocanal". The capital has the ramified

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