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НазваKyiv City (реферат)
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se "Kyivvodocanal". The capital has the ramified
network of the centralised water supply and independent of sources of
drinking water supply, that as a whole provides needs of city for
drinking water. The single length of city water supply networks (without
water carriers and drainage) is about 2700 km, and the single length of
waterpipe, which delivers water in a network of water supply, is about
260 km. 



The retail trade play an important role in development of a social and
economical complex of city. 

Universal shops and garments with trade area from 400 up to 2000 sq.m.
prevail in sphere of trade of consumer goods. Supermarkets have begun to
develop with a privatisation in trade, and during last several years
some retail and wholesale supermarkets such as " Cash and Carry " have
appeared. All of them are created for capital of the foreign investors.
In particular, three "Billa" supermarkets were put into operation, they
are enterprises with 100% of the foreign investments "Billa-Ukraine"
(investor – Austrian company "Billa"). 

The greatest metropolitan enterprises in sphere of trade of non-consumer
goods are the department stores (trade area from 3500 up to 22000
sq.m.). The largest among them are “Ukraine”, “CUS” and “Children's
world”. Except for them, in city, the network of smaller by area modern
shops for sale of non-consumer goods functions. 

There is an absent of brightly expressed shopping center, because the
objects of trade were in regular intervals placed on all territory of
city irrespectively of the majority of cities of Europe and America in
Kyiv. The high level of concentration of establishments of trade objects
in the central street of city – Khreshchatyk is reached for the last
time, but the question of creation of trade area by western standards
remains open, and the investments in this direction are necessary. 

Public catering

The sphere of public catering consists of restaurants, bars, cafe and

The specialised enterprises focused on a large circle of the clients, in
particular, of a fast-food establishment successfully develop. The
example of such development is activity of system of restaurants and
snack-bars “McDonald’s”, “Mister Snack”, “Shvydko”, “McSmak”, “Rostics”
for the last time. 


Kiev is a financial centre of Ukraine. There is a well-advanced network
of financial establishments in the city: banks, stock exchanges,
investment funds and insurance companies. The accelerated development of
it began from the moment of a reception by Ukraine of independence. The
financial system of Kyiv serves needs of all state, acting by financial
basis of economic reforms of independent Ukraine today. 

The largest national banks – National bank of Ukraine and Ukrainian
export-import bank are located in Kyiv. About 74 commercial banks are
counted in the city. The majority of it with headquarters in Kyiv have
the developed network of subsidiaries and representations on all Ukraine
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