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НазваKyiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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The Kiev region is situated in the northern part of Ukraine: in the

basin of the Dnipro river and its tributaries – the Ros', the Desna, the

Irpen', The Trubizh, the Pryp'iat' rivers, etc. The region is divided

into 25 administrative districts. There are 10 cities of regional

subordination, 14 towns of district subordination, 29 settlements of

urban type, 1134 rural settlements in its territory.


The territory of the region covers 28.1 thousand sq. km. (4.7% of the

area of Ukraine). It borders on the Zhytomyr, the Vinnytsia, the

Cherkasy, the Poltava, the Chernihiv region, as well as on the Gomel

region of Bilorus' Republic.


The state administration together with executive committees of city

councils defends the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens,

ensures the complex social and economic development of the territory and

implements the state policy in administrative spheres specified by law.


The regional and district state administrations leaded by local heads of

administration are the bodies of the state executive power in the region

and its districts. The executive committees act in the cities of

regional subordination, they are headed by city presidents electing by

nation-wide poll.


Population – 1808.3 thousand persons.


The density of population amounts to 64 people per 1 58% of the

total population lives in towns and cities, and 42% is rural population.



Natural and climatic features. As regards its relief the Kiev region is,

for the greater part, a plain. The southern part of its territory is cut

by ravines and gullies. Soils are for the most part chernozyom (black

earth) – meadows, sod-podzols and forest type loams (the proportion of

cultivated area amounts to over 60%). The climate is moderately

continental. The average temperature in January is -6°C, in July +19°C.

The mean annual rainfall amounts to 570-610 mm.


Minerals: peat, brown coal, sand for glass production, limestone, brick

and tile earth, granite. There is an amber deposit in the region.




The Kiev region ranks among the leading regions of Ukraine as regards

the level of industrial development. With peculiarities of productive

forces taken into account, there are three economic subdistricts in the

territory of the region, namely, the Polissia, the Kiev suburban and the

Southern forest-steppe subdistrict.


The following branches of industry are developed in Polissia: produce

processing industry.


The central suburban subdistrict is specialized in machine building

industry, electric power industry, woodworking industry, wood-pulp and

paper industry, there is a well-developed light industry and food

industry in this subdistrict.


The specialization of the Southern forest-steppe subdistrict consists in

machine-building industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, in

particular sugar industry, and light branches of industrial production.


The basis of the industrial potential of the region consists in 345 big

and middle enterprises. The leading enterprises have all-state

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