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Kyiv Region ()
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The leading enterprises have all-state

significance, among them: the Trypillia steam power plant, the Brovary

plant of powder metallurgy, the Kiev integrated carton-and-paper mill

(in the town of Obukhiv), which is the biggest one in Europe, the

well-known far from Ukraine tire manufacturer the "Rosava" Public

Joint-Stock Company (in the town of Bila Tserkov), manufacturer of

excavators the "Boreks" Public Joint-Stock Company (in the town of

Borodyanka), of chemical equipment the "Chervony Zhovten" Public

Joint-Stock Company (in the town of Fastov), etc.




The Kiev region has the well-developed agriculture.


Cereals and fodder crops are the staple plant-growing products.


As to the output of main agricultural products the Kiev region ranks

among the leading regions of Ukraine.


Poultry-farm Ukraine Open Joint-Stock Company of the Vasilkov

district is one of the leading enterprises on egg-production.


The enterprises of the region producing food products also rank among

the leading enterprises of Ukraine. The Yahotin a creamery plant

Public Joint-Stock Company of the Kiev region is the leader in butter

output and its quality, and the Kiev meat processing and packing

plant Public Joint-Stock Company in the town of Vishneve is the leader

as to meat and sausage products.


The managing practice of last years testifies the amalgamation of farm

holdings in form of more efficient managerial structures be expedient.

The examples are the Private Factory Svitanok of the Vasylkov

district, agricultural product cooperation Khliborob of the Vasilkov

district, agricultural cooperation Peremoga of the Kaharlik district,

Public Joint-Stock Company Sinyavske of the Rokitne district, the

Pusch-Vodytsia agrarian complex.




The building complex of the Kiev region integrates over 300 building

organizations and enterprises of building industry. Their potential

allows to manufacture 780 million pieces of conventional brick, 950

thousand cub.m. of combine reinforud concrete, 500 thousand sq.m. of

joinery, 340 thousand sq.m. of large-panel apartment houses annually.




The spesial ecjnjmic zone Slavutich (SEZ Slavutich)


The following act determines the order of formation, abatement and

peculiarities of the functional mechanism of the Special Economic Zone



The Special Economic Zone "Slavutich" (SEZ "Slavutich") is formed till

the 1st of January of 2020 within the limits of "Slavutich" Region.


Subjects of the SEZ "Slavutych" may be businesses, affiliates, branches

and other structural departments located in the SEZ "Slavutych" area

that are registered by the SEZ Administration and implement investment

projects approved by the Slavutych. Elected Council with the total value

of at least USD 200,000 un the basis of the agreement (contract)

specifying the terms and conditions of project implementation.


The tax concessions of profit and value-added taxes, social insurance

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