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НазваKyiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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le roads and
railways, their total length amounts to 8200 and 800 km, respectively.
The trunk roads of international significance: Lviv - Kharkiv, Lviv -
Moscow, St. Petersburg - Odessa and others, cross the territory of the

The region has railway communication with all parts of Ukraine and with
other countries of CIS. The international expresses cross its territory
on their way to all states of Eastern Europe. 

"Boryspil", the international-class airport, is the biggest air gate of
Ukraine. It provides regular air flights to over 30 states of the world.
There are two more airfields in the region, which are available for
cargo transport aircrafts. 

The "Sybir - Western Europe" gas main which passes through the territory
of the region has promoted the construction of a dense network of gas
mains. Besides, there are a number of fuel pipe-lines (benzine, Diesel
oil) passing through the territory of the Kiev region. 


The Kiev region is the motherland for fundamental scientific researches.
The selection studies carried out at the Myronivka Scientific and
Research Institute for wheat selection and seed-growing named after
V.M.Remeslo has the world-wide significance. Such wheat varieties as
"Myronivska 264", "Myronivska 808", "Myronivska yuvileina", "Mriia-1"
are well-known far from Ukraine. 

The Institute of Horticulture of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian
Sciences develops scientific basis for intensification of horticulture,
berry-culture, seedling-culture, conservation and proceeding of fruit
and berry products, selection of new fruit and berry cultures using the
traditional methods and modern results of applied genetics and genetic
engineering. The special attention must be paid to winter-hardy, scab
protected pear-trees ("Etiud", "Stryiska", "Khrystyianka"), apple-trees
of intensive type ("Askold", "Teremok"), column-shaped apple-trees
("Vertykal'", "Tantsivnytsia"), new sorts of black current with complex
oligogene resistibility to diseases and pests. 

There is the Institute of Agriculture Mechanization and Electrification
in the Kiev region, it designs end implements the agricultural
technologic innovations. 

The Potato Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences is
the principal institution of the Scientific and Methodological Center
for Potato Problems in Ukraine. 

The main top-priority directions of its scientific studies are: 

creation of new competitive varieties of potatoes, which possess good
culinary and gustatory quality. Among 74 varieties of potatoes filed in
the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine, 39 varieties (or 53%) are
selected in this Institute; 

perfection and development of technologies of seed material accelerated
sanitation and invigoration to create elite varieties of potato. The
implementation of biotechnological methods allows to diminish the period
to create elite variety to 3-4 years; 

improvement and development of energy saving technologies to produce
seed and food potatoes ensures the yield of 250-350 metric centners per
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