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НазваKyiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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food potatoes ensures the yield of 250-350 metric centners per

improvement and development of storage technologies and potato
processing to obtain different food products. 

There are 3 higher educational institutions in the region, 7 educational
institutions of I-II accreditation level (training schools, professional
schools, colleges), 22 technical schools, the higher pedagogical school
of kobzar (Ukrainian folk singer) art, 794 state secondary schools and 4
private schools. 


The Kiev region is the important medical center of Ukraine with 1036
medical institutions, including 160 hospitals, 334 policlinics, 157
sanatoria and resort establishments. Policlinics and hospitals are of a
high level of specialization, which meets the requirements of
population. Any kind of medical assistance is available. 

The mass physical culture and sport are of great importance in the
social development of the Kiev region. There are 46 stadiums, over 100
sport areas, shooting galleries, skiing centers, 30 swimming pools, 750
sport halls open for the population. 

78 sport schools for children and youth, a physical culture college in
the town of Brovary, and lycee in the town of Bila Tserkva, the regional
school of excellence is in the region. Over 300 pupils of capital region
are the members of the principle and reserve national teams of Ukraine
in different sports. 

There are such world-known sportsmen as Oleksandr Bagach,
track-and-field athletics European champion, Serhii Matvieiev, cycling
world champion, Tetiana Vodop'ianova, biathlon world championship prize
winner, Iryna Taranenko-Terelia, Nagano Olympic Games biathlon prize
winner among them. 


In the center of Ukraine, on both banks of mighty Dnipro the Kiev land
is spread over. Archeological memorials of the Trypil'ska, the
Cherniakhivska, the Lebedivska and the Sofiivska culture named as
appropriate settlements of the region, witnesses of ancient history of
this land. 

In the first millennium A.C. at the territory of the modern Kiev region
the main body of the Polianie tribe that resided along the middle Dnipro
between the Ros' and the Irpen rivers was shaped. Other Slav tribes
concentrated around it. The completion of this process resulted in
creation of the Rus State with its centre in Kiev, which was named by a
chronicler as the "Mother of Russian towns". 

The genial work of literature – "The Story of Ihor's Squad" – written by
a participant in battles against Polovets tribes near Pereiaslav in 1187
is closely associated with the Kiev land. The Kiev land was the
ethnographic centre where the process of Ukrainian nation formation was
going on, it was the origin of Ukrainian Cossacks. 

Anti-feudal peasant and Cossack uprising if 1594-1596 leaded by
courageous Severyn Nalyvaiko was a vivid page in the history of struggle
of Ukrainian and Bilorrusian peoples against merciless exploitation and
enslaving of peasants, against expansion of Polish feudals and Catholic
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