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НазваKyiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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on of Polish feudals and Catholic

The Kiev land residents took an active part in the uprising leaded by
T.Fedorovych (Triasylo) in 1630. T.H.Shevchenko glorified the decisive
victory of the insurgents in his "Tarasova Nich" poem. 

The Kiev land played the leading part in the war of liberation in
1648-1654 under Bohdan Khmelnytskyi leadership. 

In the eighties – nineties of the XVII century and at the beginning of
the XVIII century the Kiev land became the center of new liberation
movement against supremacy of Polish gentry, S.Palii, Z.Iskra, S.Samus’
headed it. 

The names of M.Shvachko, A.Zhurba, I.Bondarenko – the leaders of
haydamak movement of 1768 - have gone down in the history of Ukraine for

Natural resources of the Kiev land gain an important place in the
diversity of Ukrainian nature. Illustrious "Oleksandiia" dendropark
(town of Bila Tserkva) that is 200-year old is rightfully considered a
pearl of the Kiev land. 

Charming soul of our people, his dreams and songs inspired our
outstanding artists: H.Skovoroda, T.Shevchenko, Marko Vobchok, M.Hohol,
I.Nechui-Levytskyi, Sholom Aleikhem, Dniprova Chaika, M.Lysenko,
K.Stetsenko, O.Dovzhenko. 

Picturesque scenery of this land, tragic and at the same time heroic
history, heritage of ancient culture, example of unforgettable talented
predecessors, undoubtedly have influenced outlook and spiritual life of
our contemporary that was reflected in the rich and diverse creative

Now in the Kiev region functions highly developed network of cultural
institutions that comprises 908 houses of culture and clubs, 965
libraries, 56 schools of aesthetic education and regional college of
culture, Ukrainian music and drama theater named after P.K.
Saksahanskyi, House of Organ and Chamber Music, "Kievschina" concert
artistic organization, "Academia" symphony orchestra, 237 museums
including worldwide known "Pereiaslav" National historic and
ethnographic reservation. This complex consists of 25 thematic museums
of different type, historic museum and museum of rushnik (Ukrainian
towel), folk architecture and life are among them. Memorial museums and
expositions are devoted to the outstanding persons of persons of the
Pereiaslav land – H.Skovoroda, T.Shevchenko, V.Zabolotnyi, Sholom
Aleikhem, M.Benardos. About 500 thousand unique exhibits are collected
in 15 state museums of the region. Real estate, which is the historical
and cultural heritage of the Kiev land includes 2874 archeological and
2573 historical memorials, 157 memorials of city building and
architecture, 257 art memorials. 

Safekeeping of historical and cultural heritage, development of people's
art, arrangement of interesting people's leisure has become the
principal activity of cultural institutions. 

Long since the Kiev land has been famed for the works of decorative and
applied art. The names of K.Bilokur, M.Pryimachenko, H.Beres,
I.Prykhod'ko are known throughout the world. Owing to fruitful contacts
with scientist’s folk customs, holidays and rites, handicraft, different
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