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НазваLuhansk Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	The foundation and the development of Lugansk region associated with
building and working of Lugansk cannon-foundry plant, which in 1800
smelted its first foundry-iron. In 1882 Lugansk plant with the nearby
village Kamennyj Brod took the official status of town and soon it
became the centre of Slavianoserbsky Uyezd. Since 1876 the railway
workshops for repairing locomotives and carriages of active railway-road
started their work. In 1895 on the place of foundry-cannon plant State
cartridges plant was built and opened. The same year locomotive-building
plant began its activity; and it was built by manufacturer Gustav
Hartman. With time that plant became the most powerful enterprise of
such profile in the Russian Empire. 

That time on the territory active development of industry production
started on. The enameling factory and smokehouse, alcohol refinery,
tannery, brewery and other enterprises were founded. 

During past 100 years due to the conditions of energetic development of
whole Ukraine Lugansk region became the area of highly developed
building, extractive and trade infrastructure. The evidence of that are
financial and economical activities and their significant influence in
the national value. 

The Lugansk region was formed on July 3, 1938. It is situated in the
South-Eastern part of Ukraine in the basin of mean flow of the Seversky
Donets river; and as it is placed on the crossroads of main transit
trade tracks between European countries and Caucuses Lugansk region is
in favorable geographical position. 

Administrative territorial division: 37 cities, including 14 cities of
regional subordination and 23 towns of district subordination; 17
districts; 109 urban settlements; 792 villages. 

Administrative centre of region is the city of Lugansk – one of the
biggest cities in Ukraine with the population 600 thousand people and
large industrial potential. 

The region boarders with Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov regions of

The length of State frontier is 776 km. 

Donetsk and Kharkov regions are the frontier regions of Ukraine. 

The length from West to East is 190 km., from North to South – 250 km.
The distance from Regional Center to the nearest seaport Mariupol is 280
km. By highway, by railway – 288 km.; to Odessa sea-terminal – 844 km by
highway or 1047 km by railway. 

Lugansk has its own passenger airport with shipment terminal that every
week provides daily flights to cities of Ukraine and as well as
international flights. International airport Donetsk is situated within
150 km. from Regional Center. 

The region is reach on high-quality coal resources. The estimation of
regional coal deposits is over 4 billion tons. Many districts possess
the resources of building materials: detritus, sand, clay, lime,
whitewash, gypsum and fossil rocks, limestone that are widely used in
building industry. There are also natural gas, gold, silver and complex
deposits. In Lugansk and Starobelsk there are mineral springs. 

te. The average temperature of the hottest month (July) is +21°С and
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