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НазваLuhansk Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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age temperature of the hottest month (July) is +21°С and
that of coldest month (January) is -7°С. Winter is comparatively cold
with cutting Eastern and South-Eastern winds and light frosts. Summer is
hot; its second part is rather dry. The annual average amount of
precipitation is 459-505 mm the major part of which belongs to

Lugansk region is one of the most multinational regions of Ukraine. Its
population represents more than 100 nationalities: Ukrainians, Russians,
Byelorussians, Uzbeks, Jews, Bulgarians, Georgians, Armenians, Germans,
Tatars, Poles and others. 

The total population estimated on December 1, 2001 makes 2574,6 th. of
people. 83% of them live in the city and 17% – rural areas. 

Density of population is 97,7 people/km2. 

Demographic load (per1000 people of able-bodied age citizens) is 805,5
th. people which is 32% of total population.



Luhansk region constitutes an important part of economic potential of
Ukraine. The profitable geographical position, close location of raw
material sources and product sell markets, multiple industry advanced
network of the transport communications, high density of the population
give Lugansk region lots advantages that other regions of the country do
not have. 

Industry plays the main role in region’s economy and its share, in
volume of a total public product makes three quarters. In state
distribution of activities our region provides 7,6% of the whole
industrial production produced in Ukraine and is occupies the 4 place
among all the regions of the country. 

On the basis of the region’s natural resources some important industrial
powers in different branches of industry are created. According to many
types of industrial products the region takes the leading place in
Ukraine, providing about 43% of coal extraction volume, more than 15% of
primary processing of petroleum and release of petroleum, about 30% of
metal-cutting machine tools, 20% – nitric fertilizers, about 31% of
calcium soda, 32 5 – synthetic pitches and plastic, more than 70% –
window glass, more than half of beaten cardboard. 

The industrial potential of the region is a diversified complex where
the largest part belongs to heavy industry. The power electric complex
is in the lead. The basic role here belongs to extractive industry; its
enterprises take the fourth part. In extractive branch the coal
enterprises are dominated. 

The industry of the region is also represented by enterprises of
mechanical engineering, chemical, petrochemical, food, timber, textile
industry and industry of building materials. The share of production
made by the enterprises of manufacturing industry makes in total more
than 60%. Increases of the last year rates of production in
manufacturing industry are in: mechanical engineering (22.5%), in paper
industry (7.8%), metallurgy and metal processing (13.8%). 

In Lugansk region there were three large industrial assembly generated.
The specialization of Lugansk assembly is represented by enterprises of
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