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Luhansk Region ()
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ring industry makes in total more

than 60%. Increases of the last year rates of production in

manufacturing industry are in: mechanical engineering (22.5%), in paper

industry (7.8%), metallurgy and metal processing (13.8%).


In Lugansk region there were three large industrial assembly generated.

The specialization of Lugansk assembly is represented by enterprises of

mechanical engineering, metal working and light industry; Alchevsk

Stahanov assembly the enterprises of coal, metallurgical and

machine-building; Lisichansk Rubezhnoye-Severodonetsk the

enterprises of chemical, petrochemical industry.


The leading enterprises in certain branches are:


In mechanical engineering: State Holding Joint stock company

Luganskteplovoz", JSC Stakhanov Carriage Building Factory, JSC

Lugansk Machine-tool Constructing Factory , JSC Severodonetsk

Instrument-making Factory, Lugansk factory Donets, Joint stock

scientific and production company Lugansk Accumulators, Closed JSC

Stakhanovmash, Lugansk Car Assembly Factory, JSC Lugansk Factory of

Draft shafts, Pervomayskiy Machine factory, Factory Krasnyj Luch,

Krasnodon Closed JSC Avtoagregat;


In metallurgy: OpenJSC Alchevsk Metallurgical Center, Alchevsk coke

and chemical Factory, JSC Stakhanov Factory of Ferroalloys, Closed

JSC Lugansk Pipe Factory, JSC Intersplav;


In chemistry: Severodonetsk State Production Company Objedinenie AZOT

", OJSC Krasitel, JSC Stekloplastic, JSC Lisichansk Factory RTI,

JSC Lissoda.


The majority of innovations were carried out on the enterprises of

manufacturing industry: chemical and petrochemical, light industries,

where innovative works were carried out by 5,6-8,8% of the enterprises.

The quantity of enterprises, which have updated number of producing

goods, has increased by 8,9%. There were 46 new technological processes,

among them one third low-wasted and alternative processes, are

implemented, and 373 mastered: machines (equipment, devices, tools),

appellations of new materials, goods and products, consumer goods. In

the first half-year of 2002 six sites of regional coal-extracting

enterprises were automated with modern high-tech equipment.




In our region the transport infrastructure is widely developed, and it

satisfies the requirements of the population and enterprises in

transportation of passengers and goods including the passenger

transportation to the neighboring regions of Russian Federation.


The railway transport is represented by Lugansk and partially by

Debaltsevo boards of railway transport of the Donetsk railway. The

extensive length of railway tracks is 1798 km, the total extend

spur-tracks of enterprises and organizations are 1778,7 km. The density

of railway pro 1000 km2 is 75,2 km. In our region there is a wide

network of highways, the length of which is 5800 km. JSC Trans-King

the biggest Ukrainian company that deals with international auto

transportation is located in Lugansk.

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