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НазваLuhansk Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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Тип документуРеферат
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towns and district centers. Lugansk got the direct steady communication
with many countries of the world since the new digital phone-station
UTEL was installed. Mobile and paging communication is widespread. The
World Wide computer network INTERNET is used in our region. 


Among the countries of CIS Russian Federation remains one of the biggest
trade partners for the region – mutual relations make the fifth part of
whole foreign trade circulation in the region, the share of export comes
to121,3 mln. USD, and import – 430,5 mln. USD. 

Most volumes of export deliveries are carried out to Turkey – 481,4 mln.
USD from the general volume of export of region, Italy–153,9 of mln.
USD, Germany – a 45,9 million USD, Cyprus – 56,1 mln. USD. 

The greatest volumes of export deliveries are carried out in Turkey –
481,4 mln. USD., Italy –153,9 mln. USD, Germany – 45,9 mln. USD, Cyprus
– 56,1 mln. USD. 

Main and determining in the structure of export of region there are
commodities, that take considerable competition advantages at the
external market. It is black metals (specific gravity in the export
16%), electro-ferro-alloys (2,8%), coal (1,9%), machines mechanical and
mechanical equipment (1,9%), second aluminum (3,4%), products of
naftopererobci (23,5%), products of nitric industry (9%, including
fertilizers), build and technical glass (1,2%), dressed textile (3%),
plastics and wares from them (2%), instruments:, spare parts to the
railway transport and travel equipment and also some types of products
of agroindustrial complex, pastry wares. 

In the list of products, that will be imported in a region,
traditionally prevail natural gas, petroleum and separate types of
naftoprodouctiv, products of machine-building industry and ground


The most effective forms of regional politics, which are used by the
countries of highly developed economy, as well as by the countries with
the developing economy, are the creating of special (free) economical
zones and realizing the complex of activities, which are provided by
central and local representatives of executive body by introducing
special regulation of investment activity. 

Nowadays according to Law of Ukraine About Special Regime of Investment
Activity on the Territories of Primary Development in Lugansk region’
№1241-XIV (18.09.1999) the territories of the primary development are
supposed to be the following districts: 6 mine towns, 3 regions, i.e. 9
administrational territorial units out of 31. 

The towns of Lugansk region belong to the Territories of Primary
Development: Brianka, Krasnodon, Pervomaysk, Sverdlovsk, Stakhanov,
Krasnyj Luch; Antratsit districts, Krasnodon and Kremennaya districts.
The special regulations of investment activity is applied to those firms
and companies which implement investment projects with the estimated
value that equals not less than: 

500 th. USD for implementation of investment project in manufacturing
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