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ect in manufacturing
industry, agriculture, health services; 

700 th. USD for implementation of investment project in the branches of
building, construction and transport; 

1 million USD for implementation of investment project in extractive,
chemical, machinery building industries, electric power industry, coke

The firms and companies, which implement their investment projects on
TPD, have the following privileges: 

1. Companies which bring raw materials, equipment (except excise goods)
on the territory of Ukraine for implementation of their investment
projects are released from custom duties for the period of project’s
realization but for not more than 5 years. 

2. Companies are exempted from value-added tax of the operation of
bringing to the territory of Ukraine all the equipment needed for the
project’s realization for the period of not more that five years. 

3. The income of a new or reconstructed enterprise that realizes an
investment project is free from taxes for the period of 3 years. 

4. The income from such enterprises that was taken during the 4th or 6th
year of the project realization is taxable but only 50% of taxation’s
rate. This law is applied since the first income is obtained from the

5. The gross revenue charged with extra taxation does not include the
investment sum, represented by money, material values, non-material
assets, including legal Ukrainian copyrights, invention copyrights,
practical models, industrial samples, service brands, know-how etc.
Their cost in hard currency is provided by laws of the investor’s
country or by the international trade customs and expert estimation in

6. The reorganized enterprises which implement the investment projects
set in accordance with the Ukrainian law are not obliged to pay the
State Employment Fund Tax until 2009, if the number of employees
resigned because of the liquidation, reorganization of mining and other
enterprises makes up no less than 50% of the average workers number at
the above companies. 

7. The private entrepreneurs who implement the investment projects set
in accordance with the Ukrainian law do not have to pay the land rent
for the new lands development (the territory plan, infrastructure
objects building etc.) for the period no more than 5 years. 

By January,1, 2003 approved 26 investment projects with the total sum of
85,35 millions USD. Their realization will allow creating 2337 new jobs
and save 8607 already existed. 

The main ways of investment considered by investment projects are coal
production industry – 10 projects, 45291 th. USD, manufacturing industry
– 8 projects, 37617 th. USD, light industry – 5 projects, 6519 th. USD,
transport – 2 projects, 5931,1 th. USD, food production – 1 project, 550
th. USD. 


The investments have been transferred from 30 countries of the world,
but non-residents brought the greatest volumes from Hungary, Spain, the
Netherlands, Dane, Cyprus, and Switzerland. 71,0% of total volumes of
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