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Lviv Region ()
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icipant of the Interregional Association
Carpathian Euroregion and of Bug Euroregion 


A lot of positive changes have been observed in Lviv Region during the
last years. Among them are the tendencies of economic growth and
stronger competitive ability of goods and services. 

The Lviv Region's share in the state scope of total industry production
makes up about 3%. According to this index the Region takes the 9-th
place among the regions of Ukraine. 

Lviv Region takes the third place in Ukraine at the growth rates of
industry production. 

More than a half of industry production in Lviv Region is provided by
food industry, agricultural production processing, mechanical
engineering, production and distribution of energy transfers. 


Mechanical engineering was traditionally one of the main fields of the
Regions industry. Here the main potential is concentrated for producing
buses, loading systems, motor-taps, hanging conveyors,
oil-gas-industrial and tool-making mechanical engineering, agricultural
machines, although, they need complete modernization and renovation. The
main enterprises of the industry are JC Lviv Bus Factory, Lviv factory
Autoloader, JC Concern-Electron, JC Conveyor, JC Lvivprylad, JC

There are more than 400 enterprises of timber and cellulose-paper
industries of different forms of property in the Region. The production
is based on its own raw-materials. Zhydachiv cellulose-paper plant,
JSC Yavir, furniture factory Stryi constantly increase their

Light industry has stable development with an increase and occupies
almost 5% of the total part of Region industry complex. 

The light industry enterprises are situated almost in each city. In this
field there are more than 1100 subjects of enterprising activities of
different property. Sewing, knitted goods, stocking wares, shoes and
other goods of common usage are produced here. 

It is important to admit that almost all enterprises of this field with
the high technical level, have organized the sewing wares production
with the aim to enter the European market. The enterprises base their
work on imported raw materials and equipment. 

Positive tendencies are remaining in the work of wood production
enterprises. Serial production of new goods  wood-sharpen plates
(slabs), has been launched in the industry. In the meantime, furniture
production has decreased because of low demand on its. 

Enterprises of cellulose-paper and printing industries provide more than
a half of paper and cardboard production of the country's capacity,
taking a constant lead on the market. 

The capacity of production in chemical and oil-chemical industries has
increased by 10.6%. A larger amount of synthetic washing means,
polyvinilpeach plasticates, varnish-painting materials, goods of
everyday usage, pipers and pipe lines details of thermo layers was
produced. Enlargement of the production in the field of chemical and
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