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НазваLviv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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field of chemical and

oil-chemical industries was guaranteed by the implementation of a new

joint-venture system, represented by SE “Polisyntes”, JC “Organika” in

Bibrka and Yavoriv SEZ: CE “Snezhka-Ukraine”, SE “Vikont”, CE



The production of building materials and main goods for building, among

those non-ore building materials, bricks, cement, lime and gypsum, has

increased in the Region. However, due to a better correlation of price

and quality, import production has the advantage on the market of

building materials.


Investments for purchasing the modern technological equipment and

implementation of advanced industrial technology are necessary to solve

the problem of output decrease of building materials and goods, which

are not worse than the foreign samples.


Food processing industry takes a great place in the industry of Lviv

Region. There are about 130 powerful enterprises and more than 1200

small processing departments.


The largest increase of production is observed among the enterprises,

which represent the brewery, alcohol, liqueur-vodka, non-alcohol, milk

processing, oil and confectionery industries.




The functioning of coal industry is connected with the existence of coal

deposits. The stocks run to about 122.0 million tons. The share of Lviv

Region in common state output of coal is 4.3%. There are about 14 acting

enterprises in this industry, where about 12 thousand people are



Oil-output industry is connected with function of Borislav

oil-industrial area on the Region’s territory, which is considered one

of the oldest areas in Europe. Today the stocks of oil run to about 30.9

million tons. There are about 800 acting pores nowadays.


Oil-processing industry is represented by open JC “NPK “Galychyna” which

has about 1.8 thousand workers. The company processes about 3 million

tons of oil annually.


Lviv Region is one of the most gasified regions in Ukraine. About 77% of

housing fund is provided by natural gas.


More than 300 pores provide the output of natural gas. The stocks run to

about 96 million cubic m of gas. Lviv Region has more than 5% of the

common output of natural gas in Ukraine.


Electric energetics is an important industry in Lviv Region. The common

capacity of power stations is 4707.5 MVt, including Dobrotvirska TES-600

MVt. Some share of electrical energy is exported to foreign markets

(Poland). Great attention is paid to the introduction of untraditional

and innovative sources of energy and small hydro- and wind-energetic.




583 large and middle agricultural factories of different forms of

property are producing agricultural goods in the Region, among them 257

are private. In the private sector 1190 peasant farms and 343 thousand

farms produce agricultural production.


Nowadays the agricultural lands possessed by the farmers have 657

thousand hectares or 59% of the Region's total area.




Lviv Region takes the third place among the other regions of Ukraine

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