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Lviv Region ()
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other regions of Ukraine
according to the number of workers on small ventures. At the first place
is Kyiv (227 thousand people) and the second one takes Donetsk Region
(153 thousand people). 

There are over 70 thousand small ventures in the Region. Lviv has the
forth place among the other regions of Ukraine considering the number of
small ventures. More than 180 thousand people are employed at the sector
of small business. The shares of small ventures in Regional economic
potential are: the number of workers  12%, production  less than 12%,
budget incomes  more than 14%. 


Lviv Region distinguishes from the other regions by its natural climate
and resources and attracts different kinds of tourists. The Carpathian
mountains occupy the bigger part of the Region, besides, they are
considered a unique nature complex and one of the cleanest locations in
Europe. More than 4000 monuments of Ukraines cultural inheritance are
located on its territory. 

The most known national natural parks are Skolivski Beskydy and
Yavorivskyi, natural reserve Rostochchya, state historical and
architectural reserves Knyazhyi Bells, Zhovkivskyi, Tustan. 

Sambir, Drogobych, Zolochiv are attractive for tourists. Four mountain
ski resorts are situated on the Regions territory: Slavsk, Tysovyts,
Rosluch, Turka. One of the most popular among the tourists are the
castles Oleskyi, Zolochivskyi, Pidgoretskyi, Svirzkyi, which are united
in a popular tourist route Gold Horseshoe of Lviv Region. Green rural
tourism is developing in the Carpathian mountain areas. 

The Region is rich in unique reserves of mineral waters (over 200
sources) and medical mud, on the base of which such famous health
resorts as Truskavets, Morshyn, Shklo, Nemyriv, Lubin Velykyi,
Skhidnicya are functioning. There are 127 health centres and other
healthcare institutions in this region. 

Lviv is known as The Pearl of Europe and as an open-air museum. The
central part of the city is declared the historical and architectural
reserve and included into The List of World Cultural Inheritance of

The Region takes the 4th place among other regions (after Crimea, Odessa
and Kyiv regions) according to the number of foreign tourists. 


Lviv enterprises have conducted foreign trade operations with 114
countries of the world. The major part of production was exported into
Russia, Poland, Slovakia and United Kingdom. 

Analysing the export structure it should be admitted that the mechanical
engineering production takes the first place and makes the 10% of the
total export share. 1/3 share of export is production of light industry.
Yet the major export field is light industry production with the use of
non-domestic raw materials. 

The production of fuel industry makes up nearly a half of the total
import turnover. 


The legal regime of foreign investment

The main document which determines the rules of foreign investment in
Ukraine is the Law of Ukraine About the regime of foreign investment. 
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