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 Law of Ukraine About the regime of foreign investment. 

According to the articles 18 and 24 of this Law, foreign investors
payment to the statute fund of enterprises with foreign investments as
well as according to the agreements on common investing activity, is not
imposed by customs duty. 

The involved foreign investments are subjects to state registration in
order determined by the decree of Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers from the
7th of August 1996 No 928 On passage of the Principles about the
state-registration order of foreign investments. 

The state registration of foreign investments is held after their
deposition by the representative institutions of Cabinet of Ministers of
the Crimea autonomic Republic, regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city-state

Foreign investment in the Regions economy

The research industrial complex, transport infrastructure and
communication, fuel and energy industry, tourism and recreation, food
and processing industry are the most investment fields of the Lviv

The general amount of the direct foreign investments to the Regions
economy was more than $ 220.1 million. Investments from 58 countries all
over the world were brought to 938 enterprises of the Region. In average
about $ 78 per person was brought to the Region (in Ukraine  $102). It
provided the 9-th place among the other regions of Ukraine. 

The biggest investments into the economy of the Region are directed to
the financial-credit sphere, wood processing industry, food-processing
industry and production of paper and cardboards. 

Development of special economic zones

The introduction of special regime of investment and economic activity
aiming at involving additional resources for solving social, ecological
and other problems of separate regions, is one of the most important
elements of the regional politics. Two special economic zones are
functioning in the region: SEZ Yavoriv and Kurortopolis Truskavets.

The special economic zone Yavoriv was created within the
administrative-territorial borders of Yavoriv Region on the period up to
the 1-st of January 2020. The special regime of economic activity in SEZ
Yavoriv spreaded on the subjects of enterprising activity, branches,
departments and other separate subdivisions, situated on the SEZ
Yavoriv territory and which carry out their investment projects. The
amount of these investment projects is about $ 500 thousands. These
investment projects should be confirmed by the Yavoriv Region State
Administration and have state registration. 

The subjects of SEZ Yavoriv have the lower mentioned tax privileges: 

during the realization of invest project (but not longer than 5 years)
the subjects SEZ Yavoriv which supply the special economic zone by the
equipment and details (besides exciseble goods) for their own production
needs, are free of customs duty; 

the operations connected with delivering equipment and details (besides
exciseble goods), which are supplied to the SEZ Yavoriv territory by
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