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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
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Тип документуРеферат
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In the south of Ukraine, in the downstream basin of the South Bug there

is Myikolayiv oblast (district), which occupies territory of more than

24.6 thous. km2, which is 4,1% of the total Ukrainian territory.


In the west, north, and east the oblast borders three other Ukrainian

oblasts: Odessa, Kirovograd and Kherson oblasts. In the south its

territory occupies a few hundred kilometers of the Black sea coast with

marshes. In that place the coast is deeply cut by Dnieper-Bug,

Bug-Berezan and Tyipigul marshes, which create an amazing plexus of

water reaches.


Speaking about the natural conditions, the oblast is located within the

borders of 2 physico-geographical zones: forest-steppe (Kryivoozersk and

western part of Pervomaysk region) and steppe (the rest of the

territory), predominantly within the borders of the Black sea lowland.


85 rivers flow through the territory of the oblast. They belong to the

South Bug and the Dnieper basins. The biggest rivers are the South Bug,

257 km long (on the oblast territory), Ingul 179 km, Ingulets 96 km.

Dnieper-Bug marshes have 63 km of the cost cut, Tyipigul marshes – 60

km, Bug marshes 42 km, Berezan marshes 26 km. On the oblast territory

there are many artificial lakes, which have the total area of the water

surface more than 13 thous.hectares. Rivers and artificial lakes are

used, principally, to irrigate agricultural lands and for fishing.


The climate of the oblast is moderately continental with mild, little

snow winter and hot dry summer. Annual average temperatures are: in

summer: +21.1°C, in winter: -2°C. Average annual rainfall fluctuates

from 330mm. in the south to 450mm in the north. Soils: in the north

ordinary black soil, in the south southern black soil of chestnut and

dark chestnut colors.


More than a hundred big and small nations dwell on the oblast territory.

The majority of the population is made up of Ukrainians more than 75%,

and Russians – 20%. Among other nations one can find Moldavians,

Bulgarians, Greeks. Such a population composition is very favorable for

setting up good relationships with different countries.


As of December 5, 2001 the total population of the oblast was 1,251.5

thous.people, out of which 66% (838 000 residents) are urban residents.


Administratively the oblast has been subdivided by 19 regions. All in

all there are 934 settlements in the oblast, out of which 26 are towns

and 908 villages. Among towns there are 5 towns of the oblast scale:

Yuzhnoukrainsk, Pervomaysk, Voznesensk, Ochakiv and Myikolayiv.


Mineral resources in the oblast are represented by considerable deposits

of construction materials: construction stones more than 627 mln.cub.m.,

granite, which is famous for its wide spectrum of colors and high

decorative qualities 51.3 mln.cub.m; sawed stone 72.3 mln. m3; cement

components 60.7 mln.ton, tile components 48.1 mln. m3; construction sand

123.7 mln. ton. Deposits of limestone 16.4 mln. ton, kaolin 113.6 mln.

ton, road construction materials etc. are also of industrial importance.

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