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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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tc. are also of industrial importance.

Total area of forest covered areas reaches 70 thous. hectares out of
which 38 thous. hectares are pure forests. 1.5% of the oblast territory
is covered by forest. The major tree types are oak, pine, white acacia,
poplar, etc. 

Sea sand beaches are the major natural recreational resources. They
stretch to cover 70 km. Picturesque landscapes of the southern Bug and
numerous artificial lakes, spa water fountains with the prospected
exploitation reserves up to 1 mln. m3 per day, geological reserves of
medicative mud, especially in Tyipigulskiy and Beikushanskiy marshes,
equal to more than 2 mln. m3. 

The region is known for its lengthy warm period with the average 24h.
air temperature on the sea coast to be more than 15°C. More than 11
thous.ha of forest are used as recreational site, including 4 thous.ha
of "green" areas around towns. 

Economic potential of Myikolayiv oblast is a compositional part of the
Ukrainian economy as a whole. It is represented by powerful multi-branch
industry, developed agricultural-and-industrial complex, well developed
transportation network and developed sea-port economy. The oblast
industrial potential is mostly centered in 5 towns. Their share in total
oblast industrial output is almost 95%. 

Myikolaiv is the center for machine-building industry, including
shipbuilding, non-ferrous metallurgy, food and light industries, where
more than 60 big enterprises are functioning with the share in the
oblast industry output of more than 51%. Three sea ports and a river
port are functioning there. They are equipped with modern gntries and
other equipment. Technical capacity of the trading sea port to process
different freights reaches 9 mln.ton annually. Navigation lasts all year

In Yuznoukrainsk there is a nuclear power station, which produces 35% of
the oblast electric power. 

Pervomaysk profiles in diesel engines and diesel generation production,
in agricultural machinery production, production of sugar, milk
preservatives and products of sewing industry. 

Voznesensk is profiling in the production of leather, shoes, food and
products of sewing industry and Ochakiv is famous for fish

Agriculture is second in output and first in employment branch in the
oblast economy. 1.3 ha of cultivated land falls on every oblast citizen
and theoretically, every person, occupied in agriculture, has 11 ha of
plowland. These features of Myikolayiv oblast open up great
opportunities for investment in agriculture with the aim to employ
industrial know-how, powerful and highly efficient machinery. 

The oblast has substantial export potential. The district enterprises
keep business relationships with partners from 101 countries. In some
years Myikolayiv oblast share in Ukrainian export is 3.6%. Alumina is a
substantial part in the oblast export structure. In addition to alumina
the oblast exports ships, mechanical equipment, leather, vegetation
products, etc. Import structure is primarily made up of bauxite, oil
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