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e is primarily made up of bauxite, oil

products, chemical industry products, etc.




The leading oblast profile is ship-building. The biggest enterprises of

this branch are 3 major ship-yards:


State Joint Stock Holding Company "Chornomorskiy shipbuilding Yard";


State Enterprise "Shipbuilding Yard named after 61 Communards";


Open Joint Stock Company "Damen Shipyard Ocean".


The major products of these powerful enterprises are tankers,

freighters, container ships, refrigerators, trawlers, ship-hotels,

launches, etc.


Ship-building branch has been nominated in Ukraine as the prioritized

one. It has a very big export potential. 13 July 2000 the Ukrainian law

"About Special economic Zone "Myikolayiv" was adopted. The oblast

dwellers hope that implementation of that law will provide for the

ship-building revival.


 A number of companies, which ensure production and installation of

technological equipment on ships, also belong to this branch. Among them

we find JSC "Era", "Crystal", "Equator".


Production amalgamation "Zorya" produces gas-turbine engines of 16MVt

capacity, updated gas transporting units for compressor stations,

reducers for wind power generating units and steel works, foundry and

forging products, welded metal constructions, consumer goods.


Scientific-production amalgamation "Mashproject" designs and produces

multi-profile gas-turbine engines, which are used to equip ships, to

transport natural gas and to generate electric power.


JSC "Pervomayskiy zavod "Dieselmash" produces diesels, diesel-generators

and diesel-gas-generators.


Non-ferrous metallurgy also plays an important role in the oblast

industrial potential. It is represented by one of the biggest in Europe

aluminum producers JSC "Mikolayiv Alumina Plant".


In Myikolayiv there is a single in Ukraine plant to produce asphalt

laying and filtering equipment, "Dormashina". Pervomaysk plant "Fregat"

provides Ukraine with sprinkling machines of the same name.


The oblast also holds a number of electro-technical and electronic

enterprises, which are staffed with highly qualified personnel. These

are the JSCs "Ingul", "Fakon", "Edmma".


Myikolayiv oblast light industry produces up to 8.8% of the total

Ukrainian light industry output. It is represented by big sewing

enterprises, which produce mens, womens and childrens wear. They are:

JSCs "Evis" (Myikolayiv), "Santa-Ukraine" (Pervomaysk), private firm

"Victoria" (Voznesensk); knitted and haberdashery products JSCs "Aura"

and "Angela".


The most competitive company in the area of producing natural skin is a

CJSC "Vozko" (Voznesensk). Its share in Ukrainian leather output is

almost 50%. Modern equipment and technologies provide for manufacturing

annually 350 of high quality leather. The leather produced by

the company is used by big Italian, Slovakian, Spanish, Canadian and

Russian companies for the upper part of shoes


JSC "Niko" is a footwear producer. This company produces updated

footwear models and is ready for international cooperation. OJSC

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