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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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Тип документуРеферат
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and is ready for international cooperation. OJSC

"Nikkozh" is busy with producing leather for upper and inner parts of

footwear, and belts.


A chain of enterprises to process the gifts of the sea functions in the

oblast. The biggest company of such type is JSC "Ochakiv Fish Cannery"

with annual capacity of 16 mln. conditional cans. This company products

are of increased demand.


Food industry holds one of the prioritized positions in the oblast. Its

share in the state industrial output is more than 2.2%. Meet processing

industry is based on agricultural products processing capacities, which

help manufacture up to 220 ton of cattle and 27 tons of poultry per



Milk acceptance and processing are carried out by 12 enterprises, out of

which the most powerful are: JSCs "Laktalis Ukraine", "Pervomaysk Milk

Factory", Voznesensk and Bashtan Cheese Plants. Production capacities of

all the companies are calculated to produce every 24 hours 32 tons of

butter, 270 tons of milk products and 96 conditional cans of milk



Production of flour, bread and macaroni products is carried out by the

companies "Elevatorzernoprom", JSC "Nikma" and by 131 bakeries.


Production capacities of the JSC "Gileya" and "Shelton-Myikolayiv" help

manufacture every 24 hours up to 10 thous. tons of sugar beets. In the

region there is also a company "Sandora", which produces different

beverages, canned juices and light wines. JSC "Nectar" produces such

products range as confectionery goods, mayonnaise, vinegar and



Wines, produced by the JSC "Cobleve" (village Cobleve) and beer,

produced by JSC "Yantar" (Mikolaiv) are well known and won highest marks

among Ukrainian consumers.


Except Myikolayiv liqueur & vodka plant and oblast communal

trade-production company "Frost" all the companies of light and food

industry have been privatized.




1. FEZ territory


Special economic zone "Myikolayiv" was set up within the limits of land

sites, where Myikolaiv shipyards are located:


state JS holding company "Chornomorsk ship building plant" (the area is

340 ha, including 43 ha of the South Bug water area);


OJSC "Damen Shipyard Ocean" (area is 240 ha, including 30 ha of the

South Bug water area);


state enterprise "Ship building enterprise named after 61 communars"

(area is 160 ha, including 40 ha of the South Bug water area) and the

adjacent territory with the total area of 120 ha, belonging to

Myikolayiv city council.


2. Production capacity


Myikolayiv plants are highly experienced in ship building and have

considerable technological potential. If using this potential, even

without making investments into production capacities, plus the

necessary working capital, it is possible to get annually the output of

400-500 thous. tons of dead weight on the condition of utilizing a

complex cooperation program to build up ships. With the great experience

in high tech production, the plants are able to perform orders of the

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