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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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e able to perform orders of the

highest demand.


Myikolayiv shipyards have a specific feature: availability of two

production lines for making 30 average tonnage ships annually, depending

on the type of the ship. Big tonnage ships are produced with the help of

the method, which stipulates pre-building berth increase of the

constructions up to 500-1500 tons, which considerably decreases the

building cycle.


FEZ "Myikolayiv" has a specific feature: performers on the territory of

FEZ are permitted to use available production capacities and

infrastructure elements of the ship building complex for own needs on

contract conditions, which releases investor from the necessity to build

up new capacities and accelerates deployment of his production.


At investors services there are numerous well-equipped store-houses with

the total area of 264 thous.sq.m., shop premises with the area of 2

thous.sq.m. together with amenity and administrative buildings, equipped

with cranes and rail ways, mooring lines and other means.


The plants territory is staffed with engineer networks in the volume,

sufficient to deploy new types of production capacities for

machine-building and instrument-building profile, agricultural products

and food processing lines without hampering the plants primary

production programs.


The available power supply network provides for transferring additional

power, necessary for setting new production lines in the volumes of

20-25 MVt even without considering the power supply capacities, which

exist outside the plants.


FEZ territory is located within the limits of one

administrative-territorial unit and is 69 km. away from the Ukrainian

sea border-line. It has a water route to the outside world.


The area, delineated by law for FEZ, is located on the periphery of

residential areas, has a pass to the coast of Bug marshes, has a ship

passage, which is usable for sea ships. All the areas of the zone are

connected between each other by the city and oblast transportation &

communication network.


3. Benefits, awarded to the subjects of FEZ "Myikolayiv"


According to the Ukrainian law "About Special Economic Zone "Myikolayiv"

Ukrainian legislation will act for the period of its existence (30 ears)

with consideration of the specific features, stipulated by the aforesaid



FEZ "Myikolayiv" subjects are the subjects of entrepreneurial

performance legal entities, who are located on the territory of FEZ and

implement on this territory investment projects in the prioritized

branches of economic performance according to the contract pertaining to

the implementation of that investment project. Those legal entities must

be registered with the office of FEZ management.


All the subjects of FEZ are to have benefits in paying import duty, VAT,

profit tax and land tax.


Benefits, determined by the Ukrainian legislation:


1. Discharge from paying import duty for raw materials, property,

equipment and completing parts for the period of investment projects

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