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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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Тип документуРеферат
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implementation, but not more than for the period of 5 years, when

carrying them into the territory of FEZ for the needs of own production,

related to the implementation of the investment projects (except the

excisable products)


2. Discharge from paying VAT for the period of the investment projects

implementation, but not more than for the period of 5 years, from the

imported property, equipment and completing parts (except the excisable

products) which are to be used by the subjects of FEZ for their own

production needs, related to the implementation of the investment



3. In case of setting a special customs zone on the territory of

shipyards, which is stipulated by Article 9, Ukrainian law "About

special economic zone "Myikolayiv", FEZ subjects, located within the

limits of those special customs zones, are released from paying import

duty and VAT for the products and other items, imported to the special

customs territory from abroad


4. Discharge from paying export duty and VAT by the zero rate for

products and other items (except the excisable items) in case they have

been brought from the Ukrainian customs territory to the special customs

zone for their utilization within FEZ due to production needs


5. Discharge from paying VAT by the zero rate for products, services,

works if they are sold within the FEZ limits in the framework of

inter-plant cooperation


6. 3 years release from paying profit tax, generated in FEZ due to

implementation of investment projects, approved by Myikolayiv oblast



7. Profit tax, generated between the 4th and 6th years inclusive from

implementation of the investment projects, approved by the oblast state

administration, is taxed by the 50% rate of the current taxation rate.


8. Discharge from paying profit tax from a part of the profit, generated

by ship-building enterprises, participants of FEZ, if this part of the

profit is directed to develop production capacities within the framework

of the investment project to be implemented during 10 years, beginning

from the 4th year of the project implementation


9. Total discharge from paying land tax for the period of the investment

project implementation


10. Revenues in foreign currency generated through sales of products,

works and services, produced or rendered within FEZ, are exempt from

mandatory selling.


In the process of FEZ development these prioritized types of performance

could be specified within the limits of the priorities, indicated by the

Article 6 of the Law on FEZ:


in food processing industry and agricultural products processing;


in house construction, power generation and transport;


in machine and instruments building;


in all types of production performance, related to ship-building.




Agriculture is 2nd by output and 1st by employment industry in the

oblast. The area of agricultural grounds is 2.01 mln.ha, out of which

cultivated grounds make 1.7 mln. ha.


The structure of agricultural production is vegetation-cattle. The major

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