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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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icultural production is vegetation-cattle. The major

crops are grains and industrial crops (sun flower, sugar beets),

vegetables, melons and gourds. Gardening and wine growing are also well



Vegetation is well developed and fodder crops hold an important

proportion in it, which is a good foundation for cattle-breeding, having

dairy and meat direction.




In Myikolayiv oblast there is a powerful transportation system, which

includes railway, sea, river, automobile, air and pipeline transport.


Within the oblast limits the exploitation length of railways is 700 km.,

out of which 33.6% are electrified. All the lines mainly provide for

transit shipments. On the oblast territory there are 53 railway

stations, out of which Myikolayiv, Voznesensk, Pervomaysk-on-Bug,

Kolosivka, Snigurivka are the biggest.


Automobile transport plays an important role in inter-city and

inner-oblast transportation. Transport highways of Odesa, Kyiv and

Crimean directions pass through Mykolayiv. They also make a part of such

international through-passages as Euro-Asian and the Black-Sea littoral.



Important high-ways Myikolayiv Odessa Kishinyov, Myikolayiv Simferopol,

Myikoayiv Kirovograd etc. pass through the oblast territory. The length

of roads for public use is 4.7 thous. km, including 4.6 thous. km with

hard cover. The proportion of automobile transport in total volume of

goods and passenger transportation reaches 67% and 90.8%



Exploitation length of trolley lines for public use is 59.1km and tram

lines 73.2 km.


Geographic position of Myikolayiv oblast, availability of navigable

passages all these play an important role to ship goods by the sea and

rivers. Therefore, the port infrastructure and its services are a key

factor of commercial success and economic development of Myikolayiv



Navigation through the canal of Dnipro-Bug marshes is carried out by the

state enterprise "Delta-Lotsman". Its affiliate ensures navigation from

the port "Pivdennyi" (Odessa oblast) to 5 ports of Myikolayiv oblast

through the canal of Dnipro-Bug marshes and to the port in Kherson

through Kherson sea canal. The company controls the system of traffic

regulation, ensures functioning and servicing of the Dnipro-Bug marshes

and Kherson sea canals.


Myikolayiv is a powerful sea port not only in the oblast, but also in

Ukraine, where 3 sea and one river ports are functioning.


Myikolayiv sea trading port is an important transportation center in the

south. The port is connected with the Black sea by Bug-Dnipro marshes

canal of 79 km. length and stretching to Ochakiv. The admissible draught

in fresh water for that canal is 9.5 m., the admissible ship length is

215 m., its width 30 m. Ships with the length of about 187m are towed

along the canal. Navigation goes on all the year round. There are 14

berths in the port with the length of the berth line 3.3 thous. running

meters. They have railway connection, almost all of them are located

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