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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
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em are located
closely to storehouses, which shortens considerably time period for
transporting freight between the storehouse and ships, or to the open
concrete sites (about 23 thous. sq. m. of roofed sites and 197.3 thous.
sq. m. of the open sites). All the berths are equipped with load
carrying mechanisms: highly productive gantries with the capacity from 5
to 40 tons, auto and electric loaders from 1.5 to 25 tons, two water
cranes with the capacity of 100 t. and 5 t. The port has modern load
complexes to process loading freights, like grain or ores. 

Sea port "Oktyabrsk" is a specialized port, one of the most advanced in
Ukraine. This port is suitable to service ships of "Ro-Ro" type,
container ships, ferries. It is equipped with lifting cranes of 40 tons
capacity, auto and electric loaders with the capacity of 1.5 t - 25 t.
There are 7 deep water berths with the total length of 1.9km. It is
navigable all year round, but in winter only certified ice-breakers can
navigate there. 

Dnipro-Bug sea port is situated at a distance of nearly 14 miles from
Myikolayiv on the left bank of the Southrn Bug. This is the only port in
Ukraine, which is profiling in unloading bauxite and coal. Annually the
total volume of loading-unloading operations reaches approximately 6
mln. ton. The port has 5 berths, the depth of which is 10 meters. There
are 12 small ships in the port to perform support operations, like
navigation and mooring. 

Myikolayiv river port is situated on the bank of the Southern Bug, not
far from Myikolayiv sea trading port. The river port occupies 185 thous.
sq.m. of the water area of the river South Bug with the berth length 800
running meters. Modern mechanical equipment provides for carrying out
works with export-import loads. The port can process up to 6 mln. tons
of loads. There are 7 load berths, to which rail ways are provided. It
also has 46.6 thous.sq.m. of equipped store-houses. All the load berths
have updated equipment: 13 lifting cranes (with the capacity 5-40 tons);
auto loaders (capacity 1.5 25 tons); stationery equipment to load sand
and granulated loads. The port also carries out passenger trafficking on
the local lines and can receive tourist-excursion ships, which make
river cruises by the Dnieper, Dunay and to the Crimean ports. 

International airport "Myikolayiv" belongs to the largest and
technically well equipped airports in the south of Ukraine. It has
modern airstrip, and it is equipped with radio-technical, lighting and
navigation equipment. 

Pipeline transport annually carries 2.1 mln. tons of ammonia through the
oblast territory. The length of the ammonia lines is 444 km. 


There are 487 permanent kindergartens and 583 comprehensive primary
schools, including 7 lyceums and 5 gymnasiums. 

The system of vocational training is represented by 28 educational

About 21655 students get their higher education in 13 higher educational
establishments of 3rd and 4th level of certification. Annually nearly 7
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