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НазваMykolaiv Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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Тип документуРеферат
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tification. Annually nearly 7
thous. specialists graduate from higher educational establishments. 

At present 25 higher educational establishments are functioning in the
oblast, including 3 universities: 

Ukrainian state sea technical university; 

Myikolayiv state pedagogic universtity; 

Myikolayiv state agricultural academy. 

There are 8 affiliates and faculties of the National university
"Kievo-Mogyilyanska Academia", Kyiv Slovyansk university, Law institute
of Odessa state university, Kyiv state institute of culture, etc. 

630 candidates of science, 61 doctors of science, out of which 14 people
has the rank of academicians, 2 Corresponding members, 19 professors,
are carrying out scientific research. 

There are 3 professional theaters in the oblast: Russian drama theater,
Ukrainian theater of music drama & comedy, oblast philharmonic society,
577 cultural establishments of a club type, about 150 cinema projectors
and 552 libraries, where there are about 10.4 mln. books and magazines.
Education of artists is carried out by Kyiv state institute of culture
and 49 music and art schools. 


Natural-climatic conditions, considerable recreational resources of the
oblast provide for the further development of sanatorium and resort
branch. The region is characterized by a long warm period with the
average air temperature on the sea coast to be more than + 15deg.C. 

There are about 120 territories and AONB places, regional landscape
parks in the oblast "Kinburnska kosa" and "Granitno-stepove Pobuzhya",
part of theBlack sea conservation, nearly 19 parks, etc. 

Myikolayiv zoo is considered to be one of the most picturesque in
Ukraine. It was founded more than 100 years ago. There are nearly 2,500
animals there of 350 kinds. Myikolayiv zoo, which is part of European
association of zoos and aquariums, take an active part in 14
international programs to protect rare fauna reps. 

Among oblast major natural recreational resources there are: 

sea sand beaches with the total length of more than 70 km; 

picturesque landscapes of the South Bug banks and numerous artificial

spa fountains with the tested exploitation reserves of more than 1

reserves of medicative mud, specially in Tyipigulskiy and Beikushskiy

11 thous ha of forest are used as a recreational area, including 4
thous. ha of "green areas" around cities. 

Resort establishments are located primarily in the resort zones, village
Kobleve, towns Ochakiv and Myikolayiv on the Black sea coast and its

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